In Let Your Haters Be Your Motivators News: Kris Humphries Says He LOVES When People Boo Him

- By Bossip Staff

There are some athletes who play their best when the world is against them. Guys like Barry Bonds and Gary Sheffield embraced the bad guy role, and seemed to peak when everyone was out to get them. It sounds like Kris Humphries may be one of those guys.

“If I go out on the road and people are booing and what not, I really don’t mind it. I love a hostile environment on the road, people aren’t gonna cheer for you, especially if you are competing against their favorite team,”

Ole dopey face says opposing fans aren’t the only ones targeting him this season.

“This year I’ve definitely gotten more attention from other teams in terms of “’Oh we’ve gotta stop this guy,’” he says.

Is that because Humphries is good, or because the Nets have so few other weapons? Whatever helps you sleep at night Kris.


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