[Un]Happy Black History Month!: 10 Embarrassing Black Moments We Won’t Be Claiming

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GIVE US FREE! But keep the rest of this mess…

Happy Black History Month everyone! This is the time when we should be celebrating our heritage, our pride, our people, however, there’s been quite a few hang-your-head-in-shame moments already and Black History Month is just kicking off. Here’s 10 recent moments that may as well have set us back….

Where does we begin with Bishop Eddie Long? Molestation charges for which he settled out of court and now, he’s a king? If that’s not blasphemy, we don’t know what is. How embarrassing is this display of an actual Kinging (definitely not a word) ceremony?

Black women fighting on reality tv has become an expected dynamic.The entertainment aspect of it is almost extinct that it’s getting a bit old. Marlo and Sheree’s high-pitched petty argument over returned Neiman’s clothes, repossessed cars and sugar daddies even had Nene do some self-reflection.

Actor, Brian White recently laid out a lot of racial opinions and well, he just might have an issue with black people. Generalizations of ethnicity isn’t fair and it’s ignorant.

Who’s more reckless on Twitter than Rihanna? Kola Boof–author and former mistress to Osama Bin Laden. Her recklessness actually leans more towards ratchet. Her latest rants deal with high-profile hubby of Kimora Lee Simmons–Djimon Hounsou. She claims to be his mistress as well. Straight disrespectful. Good thing Kimora or Djimon aren’t responding at all.

Is there anything to say about this? Jim Jones’ mom, Nancy’s rap attempt at a rap career cannot be serious. It. Just. Can’t. Be. Jim must truly be a momma’s boy because he let her go through with this ridiculing of Chrissy and herself via “Love & Hip Hop.”

Herman “Touch Caucasian Cakes” Cain was on a roll this year! But his sexual harassment allegations took his f*ckery to a whole new level. Ask yourself, could you really see this man as your next president? We thought not.

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    Street hood fights may have become one of the biggest forms of entertainment recently; but watching black folks fight each other for a couple cheap laughs and page views is no laughing matter. Get it together.

    Terrell Owens might be having the WORST year ever! First all his friends leave him, he only gets recruited by an indoor football league and then it comes out in a recent interview that Terrell is flat BROKE! But his baby mamas aren’t having it. All 4, YES 4 of his baby mamas sued the struggling athlete for a combined $40,000 a month. Terrell even admitted that he never had a relationship with any of the children. Stereotype much?

    Blue Ivy conspiracy theories, what more can we say? Let that baby live!

    The end.

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