Check Out The Former Playboy “Freaky Swingers Chop-Down” Crib That The American Idol Contestants Live In Now! [Pics]

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American Idol Contestants Move Into Swingers Sex Mansion

According to TMZ reports:

The “American Idol” kids are following in the footsteps of or**-lovin, sex-crazed, swingers — TMZ has learned — because the mansion they just moved in to was previously used for “freaky movies”!

Sources tell TMZ, the new digs currently housing the top 9 finalists on ‘Idol’ is the same place Playboy TV shot season 2 of its racy sex show “Swing.”

For those you who haven’t seen it … “Swing” is a show about couples who move into a house with the sole purpose of “living out their sexual curiosities” through swinging … i.e one big fat excuse for banging each other as often as possible.

As for the specs — the former sex den is a 10-bdrm, 16-bath, 16,000 sq. ft swingers dream … now housing the squeaky clean — soon to be Disney World attraction — “Idol” finalists.

Interesting choice of living accomodations guys. Wonder will there be any “swinging” goin’ on during this season? “YOU GON’ LERAN TODAY!!” *Kevin Hart voice*

Hit the flip to see pics of the giant jizz crib.

Images via MLS

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