Just Stay Away: The Biggest Comeback Fails Of All Time

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Biggest Comeback Fails Of All Time

Careers fall by the wayside every day. Once-big superstars fade away as quickly as they popped up. Then, without fail, some will always try to show up and regain their fame. And it’s always glorious when these comebacks end up as big blowups that we kind of cringe at.

So, with that said, here are some major comeback fails that we can’t forget.

Michael Jordan – He came back after his second retirement and tried to play basketball again for the Wizards. And he just looked old and slow.

MC Hammer – He has been a laughing stock for losing all of his money. And he keeps trying to come back, most recently dissing Jay-Z. And it only made matters worse.

Mase –Mase went to find God. Then he lost him again and started making horrible music.

Lil Kim – Her comeback had her get obliterated by Nicki Minaj. Did that Black Friday mixtape even ship?

Lauryn Hill – She’s come back here and there only looking like a lunatic every time. Still no album, though. SMH.

DMX – Every time he comes back, he goes to jail!

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    Charlie Sheen – After his drug binges and psychosis, Sheen went on a comedy tour that bombed. Hard.

    Master P – Yes, he’s still trying to rap.

    Bret Favre – Remember him coming back, getting hurt and showing his little hut-one on a camera phone? So much fail going on here.

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