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Attractive Celebrities Women Don’t Want

A few days ago, we showed you some questionable women that men would still want to chop down no matter what. Well, on the other side of spectrum, women are a much more picky and discriminant. That’s why these men, once considered extremely attractive and choppable, have been written off by most ladies with sense.

Even though these men are considered attractive by many, they’re still considered un-chop-pable by many too.

Tiger Woods – Once you stick your club into so many Becky skanks, the rest of the women kind of cool on trying to let you hit the sand wedge.

Ray J – He was kind of a teen heartthrob…almost. But the Kim K tape, reality show and drug mule-ing ruined all of that.

Chris Brown – No woman had a bad thing to say about him…until he started beating chicks up.

Eric Benet – Sex addict? You cheated on Halle Berry? Nobody wants that.

Kobe Bryant – “Hey, I’m worth millions and I totally never raped anyone. Want proof? The court said it!”

Antonio Cromartie – He’s an NFL banger…with 12 kids from a ton of baby mommas. Nobody wants to deal with all that babysitting.

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Ashton Kutcher – He’s been dragging his nards through the mud for a while. Lots of scudbuckets on his resume. Probably more than most women want.

Ne-Yo – Ladies loved him when he first dropped. Then they saw that he was a tad suspect and nobody’s looked back.


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