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Ways To Tell People Think You’re A Ho

From afar, it’s pretty easy to tell that h*es be winning. They get money, fame, TV shows and endorsements. But for us common folk, being a ho isn’t always the best way to go. And sometimes, being one can happen and we don’t even notice it. So, for those that need help, here are some ways to tell that others around you mayyyy think you’re kind of a ho-bag.

Pay attention!

1. Women hate seeing you talking to their man – If you get the mean mug when you try to talk to a man in front of his woman, she’s either insecure or word’s gotten around that you may try to steal him.


2. Other women won’t hang around you – They don’t want you driving down the stock on their vajayjays. They’d be hoes by association!


3. Men talk reaaaaal crazy to you when they see you – If you’re dressed all hoe-y, men will just scream out “AY GIRL!” to you like it’s all a game.

4. He posts all kinds of pics on Twitter – If he doesn’t care who sees you naked, that should tell you something.

5. He don’t mind letting his boys try to hit it – Tell-tale sign he doesn’t see you as much more than a jumpoff.

6. He won’t take you out in public – If it’s all secret rendezvous then you’re in trouble.

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7. He leaves money when it’s over – “Thanks for the pooty tang, here’s $40” isn’t what men say to wifeys.

8. He won’t claim you – You basically live with him, but he still says he’s single? You ain’t nothing but hoe material, chica.

9. Your own momma trying to get you to church – When your mom does that “mmmhmmm” when she sees your coochie all out and then she tries to get you to see the deacons on Sunday, you might see that you’re not living right.

10. Nobody shares food with you – Some people just don’t eat after each other anyway, but when nobody wants to share their food or have you breathe over them for fear of fresh d*** particles flying around, then the whole world thinks they know what you’ve been up to. Just sayin.

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