Tip Drill: A List Of Men Who Have Fallen In Love With Pole Poppin’ Skrippers

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T-Pain ain’t the only one

Following the recent news that Tyga is planning on becoming a baby daddy to girlfriend (and former KOD stripper) Blac Chyna, it’s become apparent that not only do certain rappers have strippers mentioned in their lyrics or music videos, a surprising number of tricks men have fallen hard and fast for them too.

How can you blame them? These ladies are talented on the pole and not just the ones in the club.

We compiled a list of guys whose names seems to pop up faster than their favorite skrippers can on a handstand. So save your ones and take a look at some of these fellas who have fallen for the “exotic” ladies…

Wiz Khalifa– The stoner rapper has fallen hard for ex-stripper Amber Rose, who previously dated Kanye West. Rose is set to become Mrs. Khalifa after the hip-hop star popped the question to her earlier this year. This broad stays winning!

Drake– Mr.Save-Em loves to throw on his cape and save these hoes. The Canadian rapper first introduced us to stripper Maliah Michel in the video for his track “Find Your Love,” and even name dropped her in some of his songs. However, the relationship didn’t last very long but Maliah moved on quite fast…

Sean Kingston– The chubby lumpkins pop star came up big when he picked up Drizzy’s sloppy seconds. Sean first introduced the world to his new stripper boo at the American Music Awards. But sadly, just like the former relationship, this one didn’t last too long either.

Chris Brown– Breezy headed straight to the strip club to find a rebound after his disastrous relationship with RihRih ended. And what lucky pole popper did he settle with? Reality star and ex-stripper Draya Michele. Although, the pair didn’t last too long, Draya has moved on to greener pastures.

Mos Def– Mos Def’s ex-wife Alana Wyatt was previously a stripper/video vixen whom the rapper met in a Toronto bar. They reportedly tied the knot two days later. However, just two months after that she filed for divorce.

Maximillion Cooper– Yeah, Eve used to be a stripper. Now she’s a hip hop or R&B diva that’s privately pole danced her way into her British billionaire’s heart. Can you smell the swirly matrimony-dom now? Steebie J, you mad?

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    Mario– This chick, Dez was Mario’s boo for a while. She’s an ex-skripper and former friend of Amber Rose where they both danced at the same Philly club. But that didn’t stop Mario from talking about her in interviews and taking her and her crazy cakes out to the beach.

    J.Howard Marshall– You may not recognize the name but you probably will remember the old fogey that wife’d up Anna Nicole Smith after seeing her perform at a strip club in Texas. The oil-man was so in love with the now deceased busty Becky that he married her just days after meeting her and left her all of his money.

    Greg Leakes– Okay so NeNe Leakes is not a celebrity so much as a “Real Housewife” but she’s on TV (or was) and she used to get freaky on stage. Whether, Greg and the reality star are still together is neither here nor there, but always remember…

    he fell in love with this.

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