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A List Of Celebrity Douche Bags

Kanye West’s iconic “Runaway” hook is as ironic as it is poignant. In today’s world of reality-TV and waning moral standards, we have been exposed to a barrage of questionable characters over the past 10 years or so. Racist, misogynistic, out of line, homophobic rants, violence against women, violations of marital vows, and overall creepiness has seeped into the fabric of pop culture like Bill Clinton’s jizz on Monica Lewinsky’s dress.

We’ve gathered a few of these socially unacceptable perpetrators to highlight just how out of control people have gotten. A celebration of sorts, to the greatest pieces of isht that have walked the Earth.

Hit the flip to see which celebs are certified douche-bags!

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Terrence Howard

Aside from his awkward, pervy gaze, Mr. Howard also once proclaimed that if a woman he was dating didn’t have baby wipes in her bathroom that he would leave her immediately. Perhaps Terrence should have been looking for some Massengill instead…

Brian McKnight

Let’s face it, women have always loved Brian McKnight, but his “adult mixtape” that contained a song called “Let Me Show You How Your Pu**y Works” MIGHT have turned those wet thongs into dry granny panties.

Scott Disick

If his drunken behavior doesn’t scream “douche bag” then his choice of dinner jackets certainly does.

Tiki Barber

This distinguished gentleman left his wife while she was pregnant with their twins to go marry some blonde-haired, blue-eyed, Becky. Need we say more?

Matt Barnes

Aside from “allegedly” cheating on his wife Gloria with Eva Longoria, Matt and his big mouth are always the subject of some kind of on-court altercation, with very few punches thrown. Fake a** tough guy…SMH

Jesse James and Kat Von D

Jesse James is part of the douchebag elite. He famously left his “Miss Congeniality” wife Sandra Bullock for a tatted-up sex-kitten Kat Von D, only to leave her as well for a bevy of other hoes. A dirty dog indeed…

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Chris Brown

The list of things that make Chris Brown a douche bag have been discussed ad nauseum, but let’s give it a go anyway, shall we? He beat up Rihanna the night before the Grammys, Threw a chair out the window of Good Morning America when asked about it, threw MULTIPLE homophobic and vulgar Twitter rants, and last but not least got into a fight with another man over your ex while already having a new girlfriend. That about sums it up right?

Flava Flav

Flav may be a loveable character but how many of you ladies want to know what flavor his “love” is??? We thought so…

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino

“Gym, Tan, Laundry” is the “Money, Power, Respect” of douche bags.

Kobe Bryant

The “Backdoor Bandit” is not only a booty pumper, but a serial cheater, a snitch, and lil brat on top of it all. Somebody get this guy some Summer’s Eve STAT!

Kristen Stewart

After becoming America’s sweetheart after starring in the wildly successful “Twilight” film series, and having a steamy real life romance with co-star Robert Pattison, Kristen recently admitted publicly that she was cheating on Robert and letting her new director chop down her slim backs. This helped answer the age old question, “Can hoes can be douche bags too?”.

Kanye West

Mr. West is the CEO of Douche Bag Enterprises, and has been running his business VERY successfully over the past 8 years. First there was the “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” quip, then the Hennessy-fueled, Taylor Swift-interrupting rant at the MTV VMAs, followed by a messy break-up with ex-boo-thang Amber Rose due to infidelity with Kimmy Cakes. The fact of the matter is, if we had to choose someone else to run the Douche-tastic empire that he has built, only one person would come to mind…

Stevie “Steebie” J

“Steebie” is clearly the “douche bag du jour” with few, if any, peers. Never has one man turned off and turned on so many women at the same damn time! Each episode of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” that we watch, we are engrossed in the douchieness that is Stevie J. How the HELL did MiMi and Joseline fall for his intense brand of fawkery??

The words “You Look Nice Today” will be said, or heard, the same way ever again. Thanks Steeb…


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