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The Most Unwife-able Celebrity Women

Some women are perfect. They exist. Like, in real life. They’re great and you’ll want to take them home to momma and have them meet the whole family. Then there are others. Women you should never try to wife and you should stay as far away from as possible. Sure they may be hot and you may want to be with them, but wife material? Not a chance.

Check the track records.

1. Fantasia – Yeah, so she’s totally crazy. For real.

2. Kim Kardashian – Homemade adult film…Seventy-two day marriage…. Doesn’t Yeezy read the news?

3. Rihanna – Yes she’s fine. Yes she’s got that incomparable box. But she’s still in love with Breezy!

4. Kat Stacks – Obviously. Just ask Soulja Boy.

5. Lil Kim – She’s a big freak and she looks like someone put a barbie in the microwave.

6. Lindsay Lohan – Coca will do that to ya.

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7. Snooki – She’s all about smushing and low IQs. No way.

8. Lauryn Hill – Sad to see her on the list, but she’s insane and headed to jail.

9. Jennifer Williams – She’s unstable and definitely won’t endear herself to momma with that attitude.

10. Anyone On Bad Girls Club – Because, y’know, why would you?


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