Gimme Some Mo: A List Of The 12 Cities Where Parents Spoil Their Children The Most

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All these toddlers and their damn tiaras…SMH

A Gallery Of Cities Where Children Are The Most Spoiled

Ever known a kid to walk around in ALL the latest and greatest in EVERYTING without punching a single time card? Some would call these children “blessed” some would rather “bless” them out. As much as you may begrudge the kids, ultimately, the parents are the ones enabling these spoiled brats to carry on in such an entitled fashion.

According to, the average middle-income family will spend roughly $12,000 on child-related expenses in their baby’s first year of life. By age two, you can add $500+ to that figure. calculates how much your child will cost you. If you’re a northeastern couple making more than 100k per year, expect to spend more than a half million dollars on your kid from birth to age 18. And that doesn’t include buying expensive brand-name clothing or a $1,000 Bugaboo stroller for your little bundle of joy.

With child spending already breaking the bank for many, we wanted to find out which cities spoil their kids the most. To do so, we examined spending by households with children at stores that sell toys, clothing and other services for tots, kids, and teens. We identified all locations for which had a reasonable sample size, and determined the average spend by these households over the past three years. Then we ranked cities based on the percentage spend above or below the U.S. average.

Hit the flipper to see if your city is known for having silver-spoon sons and daughters.

You may be surprised at the cities that made it…

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Nashville, TN

Folks in Nashville set the tone for the U.S. average for spending on children.

Fort Worth, TX

Kids doin’ it big in Fort Worth ball out about 2% more than most of the country

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Livin’ the good life in South Florida gets you about 4% more then most kids.

San Diego, CA

California dreamin’ at 5% more than nat’l avergae.

Los Angeles, CA

Might have thought that kids in La-La Land would top the list but at 9% above average, life is still good.

Atlanta, GA

Parents in “Tha A” spare no expense when it comes to their children at 17% above average.

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    Dallas, TX

    If you forgot that Dallas has LONG money, the 24% above average child spending will remind you.

    Tulsa, OK

    Word? Oklahoma ballin’ like that? Yup. 35% above the rest.

    Minneapolis, MN

    It might be cold as hell, but they still spend cold hard cash. 46% more than most parents spend on their kids in fact…

    Miami, FL

    These kids run South Beach like no other, their parents spend 58% more on them than the rest of the U.S.

    Brooklyn, NY

    Hov and Bey-Bey have definitely helped contribute to this stat with the purchase of a pricey $3,500 crib and a $5,200 pink crystal-studded baby diamond bathtub for their baby Blue Ivy Carter.

    Parents in BK spend 67% more than the nat’l average.

    New York (Manhattan), NY

    Brooklyn might be takin’ it, but Manhattan is DEFINITELY makin’ it.

    Parents round this way spend 90% more than the U.S. nat’l average.

    Must be muhfuggin nice!

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