Celebrities That Don't Get Along With In-Laws

Family Feuds: Celebrities Who Can’t Stand Their In-Laws

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Celebrities That Don’t Get Along With In-Laws

Ugh. In-Laws are the absolute worst. They drive us crazy and don’t ever think we’re good enough for their prides and joys. Celebrities have to go through it too. These celebs had to deal with absolutely horrible in-laws that hated them and they hated back. Fun times had by all!

Kanye West/Kardashians – They’ve been butting heads from day one. They don’t want him to take away their meal ticket.

Jay-Z/Knowles Family – It took them a while to get cozied up to the former drug dealer. We can also blame Daddy Knowles for the rift, too.

Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes Family – They were terribly frightened of what he’d do to her. We can’t blame them, can we?

Rihanna/Momma Brown – Chris Brown’s mother never approved of Rihanna and their falling out didn’t seem to help.

Pilar Sanders/ Deion’s Family – Deion’s aunt almost whooped Pilar’s a$$. Not a good sign.

Sarah Palin – Apparently she’s the worst mother-in-law for her little dysfunctional a$$ family.

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Vanessa Bryant/The Bryants – Kobe’s family said she was a gold digger and thought he should stay away. Hmmm…

Boobie Gibson/ The Coles – Keyshia momma crazy. That’s all you need to know.


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