Scratch That: Celebrities That Should Fire Their PR People

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Celebrities That Should Fire Their PR People

It’s a delicate balance to be a celebrity and not have everyone hate you. It’s damn near impossible. That’s why it’s important to have great public relations people helping out to make sure they don’t burn all of their bridges and make the world want to shoot them in the face.

Not all celebrities understand the importance of these little angels to keep their lives together. Let’s look at some celebrities that need to either hire PR people or fire the ones they have now.

Webbie – Just…just stop filming him talking. Get some pr people to make this stop.

Chris Brown – He just keeps effing up, all the time. And the latest idea to put a battered woman on his neck isn’t the best move.

Chad Ochocinco – This is all a mess. He probably can’t even afford a pr person anymore right now.

Herman Cain – They should have never let him run for president. SMH.

Floyd Mayweather – Money Mayweather just makes people hate him..and he doesn’t care.

Mary J. Blige – They just let baby girl hop on a table and sing about chicken?

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    Chief Keef – He bragged on twitter when his rival got killed? WTF are you thinking?

    Joe Budden – Twitter feuds and ex-girlfriend spats? His team needs to shut down his twitter account. Or just quit their jobs.

    Lindsay Lohan – Her team should quit…and keep the booze and coke away!

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