Drugs Are Bad M’kay? Celebrities Who Are All About Popping That “Molly”

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Celebrities Who Talk About “Molly”

Celebrities love their drugs. There’s just something about getting money that makes people want to try out the newest vices to hit the streets. It seems like these days everyone’s talking about popping “Molly” or a more potent version of ecstacy pills. They’ve been around for years, but now more popular than ever. Take a look at some rappers and other celebrities caught talking about or taking that “Molly.”

T.I. – He had to go back to jail after weed and ex was found in his car with Tiny. He shoulda chilled.

Lil Wayne – He raps about “Molly” and was known to dabble before going to jail. Now he has to take drug tests so that’s it for that.

Big Boi – He got arrested on a cruise for having ecstasy…his response? “I thought it was the love boat!” How can you not love him?

Ja Rule – Him and Irv Gotti got popped for having ex pills on them. No word on if it was the Molly or just the regular stuff.

Kanye West – He said “something ’bout Mary she gone off that Molly” on “Mercy.” Think him and Kim K get down like that?

Juicy J – He’s the Molly champ, always rapping about it. You know he enjoys them, too.

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    2 Chainz – He’s always rapping about that Molly too…think he does it for real?

    Wiz Khalifa – He raps about it all the time. But Amber gotta chill with the bun in the oven.

    Lady Gaga – She’s admitted to popping Molly on occasion. Surprised?

    Mac Miller – He’s one of the main Molly-lovers and he raps about it all the time.

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