Reporter Throws Shoes at George Bush

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

George Bush had to fall back today in Iraq.

How did this guy miss that close? SMH.

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  • E.B

    Damn!! thats funny!!

  • bae19


  • Txhustla15 (Austin's Finest)

    Haha yes about time they caught up on here , saw this morning – whos moms never threw shoes at him and this was priceless. I like how he tries to play it off though..

  • always knew

    Someone in Iraq, did what everyone else has always wanted to do….except they missed….Less than one month to go….Hurry up and get your stuff and get out! It’s a new day! Bring on Barack, Michelle and the girls…

  • persona

    As hilarious as it is, I find it disrespectful. You cant throw shoes at any U.S. president.

  • liliana_sanchez

    thats hilarious LOL. we all would like to do that.

  • Shaneen

    Damn why didn’t them shoes hit his dumb ass, I am so happy that it happened. Mad respect to the reporter.

  • Jay

    lls……………haha…..lls…..damn that boy got some reflexes on him…lls

  • AJ

    The shoes should’ve been a bag of poached, steaming, hot sh*t!

  • bb


    YES WE CAN!!

  • MsMarks

    ol’ georgie looks like he’s dodged a shoe or two in his day…maybe that’s how laura deals with his dumb ass! lmao

  • Txhustla15 (Austin's Finest)


    As hilarious as it is, I find it disrespectful. You cant throw shoes at any U.S. president.

    -SMH – whatever what about the hundred of thousands of dead people or those that were falsely imprisoned and tortured under his watch come holla back when you have something that matches against that. Even McCain made a good point on Meet The Press this morning about how the adverse effects of Abu Gharib was actually impacting us and still is during the war..

  • Shay

    Damn he missed! I haven’t been able to listen to any of Bush’s addresses without wanting to throw a shoe my self.

  • Mock Rock Starring It

    Well, he’s good at ducking

  • Bizzeee

    Bushy got some good reflex. I ain’t mad at him!


    Bush & the neo-CONS may have run this country into the ground…But he GOT IT RIGHT on BOTH wars.You will either thank him…or rewrite history to reflect your biases about 20 years out.

  • sweetness in your tea

    good refelx bush!

  • AAA



    BTW-sweet reflexes W! He should ref UFC fights in his retirement.Woulda’ been pretty cool if he had come down off the podium & stomped ya’ boy.

  • angel

    its definitely about time that Bush got smacked in the head- too bad he missed


    @jjj/Pruod Jamaican:

    You brutal punster. ;^D

  • AAA


    “You cant throw shoes at any U.S. president.”

    This your leader brought onto himself! Obama has mount everest to climb.


    @jjj/Pruod Jamaican:

    That’s it !…I’m callin’ the pun police on you.

  • Nyah Molineaux

    I dont wish for Bush’s death, but I wish the shoe would have hit Bush. It is time he physically feels the pain his policies have done to the world for the past eight years.

    Probably for Christmas, we can send him some shoes.

  • luvcelebgossip

    Bush ducked quickly, but that journalist’s aim was pretty dead on. That shoe could’ve veered way left, just like Bush’s presidency.

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