Hi Haters: A Gallery Of Celebrities Who Threw Shade On The Obamas

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Celebrities Who Insulted The Obamas

When you’re the president and first lady, you can expect a ton of hate to come your way. They get it from politicians, journalists and other countries. But the last place they probably care about is getting it from celebrities. Seriously, what do they know?

These celebrities threw shade at the Obamas. Were any of them justified?

Clint Eastwood – He didn’t really slander the Obamas. He slandered a chair he pretended to be Obama. There’s a difference.

Matt Damon – He basically called Barack a punk for not standing up to the Republican bullying.

Killer Mike – On his last album (R.A.P. – it’s a damn classic btw), he made some disparaging comments about Barack and how he’s just a puppet.

Khloe Kardashian – She was livid that Barack said he doesn’t let his children watch her show. So she went on a private tirade against Barack and Michelle’s dress.

Nicki Minaj – She said she was voting for Romney…but it appeared to be just jokes and rap lulz. But we got our eye on you Barb.

Don Cheadle – He said he wanted Obama to be more of a gangsta in politics. Again, calling Obama soft.

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    Cornel West – HE’s been slandering Barack for a couple of years now. All because he couldn’t get a ticket to an event? Do better, sir.

    The legend has blasted Obama for his policies and inability to get things together. Don’t feel bad, he’s also slandered Bey and Jay for not giving enough to charity.

    Jon Lovitz – He lambasted Barack so bad that his jokes had to be cut from live television. It’s like that Jon?

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