Bolitically Incorrect Album: Shyne Drops “Gangland” Mixtape With More Realism Than Last 10 Years Of Music! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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People are under the misconception that real music needs to have a bunch of money behind it. Talented people’s music DOESN’T NEED MUCH!

In this Anti-America album, Po talks about issues that NO RAPPER talks about today… The truth about our system and why most of the current mc’s are actually yes-men. After hearing him talk yesterday… we looked up the mixtape and think it is one of thee best hip hop albums heard in a while. Shyne’s first song is consistent with his first 2 albums and from there, he then takes you into a journey about our exploited culture. Po mentions how Michael Jackson was crucified-undermined yet Robert Blake, Elliott Spitzer, and others of that same ilk go free and continue to prosper in America. Kobe Bryant is also mentioned…

One of the other things we admire from Shyne is him admitting the destruction he may have caused and fueled in our community with his old music and way of life. He admits he was wrong for embracing the thug culture. Now Po seems to be preaching to the kids about the realities of what he was involved in and what these devils in disguise are pushing to these fatherless-motherless kids. It also looks like he is NOT trying to get back into America anymore.

Most of the newschool who love music from Rick Ross, Drake, MGK, Juicy J, Chief Keef, Future, And 2 Chainz… will diss this mixtape and say it sounds bootleg. The song with Pusha T is sickening and this guys knowledge of the street, bolitics, and pop culture is phenomenal. We loved the first 2 albums by Shyne, but couldn’t fade the third when he was released from prison (probably because of outside influences). With that being said… this latest “Gangland” mixtape is legendary.



This is how real and how much he thinks of his “swag.”

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Shyne performs his new song “Solar Energy” at Kibbutz Ketura on June 5, 2011 at the inauguration of Israel’s first solar field.


“Solar Energy”
Written by Shyne and Captain Sunshine

The remedy to stop the oil dependency
We better be the better breed
Bring a global end to greed
The end will be the death
And we never see the heavenly gates open
If you don’t go green
That’s what they’re telling me
Got private planes mulsanne and chauffeurs
Is my Bugatti the one polluting the whole earth?
A future twisted and darker than Whoopi Goldberg
If I don’t get a hybrid get up that rover

Solar – renewable light to the nations
Adam bit the fruit and oil is my abomination
I heard Obama waiting for the Senate bill to pass
Well tell him send a visa
We gonna make the planet greener
While congressmen debate
Make the air more cleaner
I know I got some felonies, one or two misdemeanors
But them lobbyists in Washington far more egregious
Environmental bills written by Exxon leeches
Endangering out species with a bunch of empty speeches, Hallow rhetoric, then propaganda to deceive us.
It don’t take no genius or a microscope to read it
It’s written in the stars
Ray Charles you can see it
Yeah I know you wondering where Shyne went
When did I start thinking or caring about the environment?
Ah, I’m just thinking out loud
It’s hard to see the future through a mushroom cloud

Solar energy (repeat)

I am powered by solar
Bugatti Hybrid King Judah Roller.
Living in a world – many questions, no answers.
Trying to figure it out through this solar power anthem.
Ooh and the sun’ll shine
Ooh from the Arava fire

I’m from the 70s when men were bred with honor and integrity
Unquestionably superior both morally and ethically
Regrettably the end we’ll see the car will go, the jet will leave
And then we’ll be stuck in hell fire
Where the hell will freeze
Listen man don’t lecture me
I got some Malcolm X in me
But who am I to save the world?
That’s too much of a stretch for me.
I heard them talking ’bout global warming and warnings
Droughts in Africa
Babylonia is falling
Distracted by the roaring that this Lamborghini causing
Not thinking I’m responsible for flooding in New Orleans
Don’t believe in Darwin but it seems kind of appalling
That God would make the world
And we’re destroying what he started


I’m sailing on a ego trip
I’m on a spaceship
Miles from reality
I need clarity
My mind like a Warhol art gallery
Painting pictures of conflictions
That’s within us
Gangland Hasiddus
Yeah I know we all sinners
But I’m just trying to fix up before the angels come and get us
Could live with what I see when I’m looking in the mirrors
Trying to get myself half a billion light gigas

So fresh so fresh powered by solar panel
Ralph Lauren flannels
Reading psalms of Hallel
No oil barrels.
Powered by the sun.
Solar energy – the revolution has begun. (has begun)
I always prayed the day would come where ain’t no war for oil just rays of the sun
Power everything
Man, I got faith in the one
This is brought to you by King David and son
It’s a green revolution.
Harley David Hybrid. Word To Rick Ruben.
Get the Japanese and all the Haitians out of ruins.
Clean water for the Africans, Belize to Jerusalem

Believe what I’m doing
Arava design.
Shyne, he’s not a human.
You can pray to God, but he’s not moving.
You wanna save the world then we’ve gotta do it.


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