Sorry Ladies: Men Who Came Out Of The Closet And Crushed Women’s Dreams

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Male Heartthrobs Who Came Out Of The Closet

Ladies love attractive men. Those heartthrobs that really get their engines going. And if you ask certain women, good men are incredibly hard to find. Which makes it even more heartbreaking for women when these good men end up coming out of the closet.

Tragic for the ladies, we know. But big win for some of the guys out there, no?

Anderson Cooper – The dashing journalist is worth more than a country and has ladies swooning through his shows. But he came out earlier this year.

Shaun T. – He’s the ripped Insanity coach…who just married a dude.

Neil Patrick Harris – Dougie Howser came out even though he still plays a woman eater on How I Met Your Mother.

Frank Ocean – Don’t worry, ladies. He still likes you. He just likes to dabble.

Ricky Martin – He drove women crazy in the late 90s then came out and rocked speedos.

Don Lemon – Big news personality that has ladies tuning in regardless of his preferences.

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    Wilson Cruz – He’s a young actor that’s gotten quite a buzz and quite a bit of attention from ladies. Sorry.

    Langston Hughes – A throwback here. The poetry made the ladies hot in the 20s but he loved the fellas.

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