Down For The Cause: Celebrities Who Are Riding The Hardest For An Obama Reelection

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Celebrities Supporting Obama

The election is only two weeks away! It’s time to really get it popping and make your decisions (if you haven’t already). While we’re all getting riled up and ready, there are plenty of celebrities putting their money and actions where their mouths are. These celebrities are going all the way in for Barry and not looking back. Salute them for their contributions.

Madonna – She just stood up in front of a Republican New Orleans crowd and told them to vote for Obama. That takes cojones.

Jay and Bey – They threw a huge dinner for him and raised millions for the cause.

Katy Perry – She performed with this 2012 ballot on her dress. If only that were a hanging chad.

Young Jeezy – He made THE Obama anthem in 2008 that still rings today.

Michael Jordan – He just threw a big Obama rally and it’s the first major political move he’s done…ever. – He’s donated $61,000 and the crappiest song ever to the Obama campaign.

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    Eva Longoria – She’s donated 30K to the cause. Nice.

    George Clooney – He’s donated the $61K maximum to the Democratic party and $5K to the campaign.

    Questlove – He’s donated the $5K maximum to Obama. And played some pretty nifty drums for some events.

    Scarlett Johansson – She’s also donated the $5K maximum to Obama and $7K to the Democratic party.

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