Britney’s Family Cashing in on Her Success

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Britney’s dad was already receiving $10 stacks a month, for taking care of Britney, now a judge just bumped his pay up and gave him backpay:

The judge in the conservatorship case has just ruled Jamie, Brit’s dad, can get thousands of extra $$$ for the work he’s been doing for his daughter. Jamie was getting $10,000 a month for his fee as the conservator of Brit’s estate. Today the judge adjusted that amount for the entire year to $16,125 a month, to reflect all the additional work Jamie did — which includes planning her tour for next year. The judge also gave the green light for Jamie to get office space — Brit will pay $1,200 a month for that. And there’s more. Brit’s bro, Bryan Spears, will receive $200,000 for services he rendered prior to the time the conservatorship was established.

And the lawyers … the bills for all of them are approaching a cool $1 million.

Talk about leeches…who needs enemies when you’ve got family like this? With K-Fed, Brit’s brother, and her Pops trying to get after her stacks like this, it’s not wonder the poor thang went crazy. SMH


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  • Wouldn't you like to know

    Am I really first?

  • Roe ski Love

    Life must be really F%cked up for her. She can;t trust anyone, but appears to have everything.

  • thatbrutha

    DAMN 4

  • grillfixer

    #3 !! but its oon sum white s@te so i guess it don’t matter!! 😦

  • thatbrutha

    Its really good to see white folks doing each other to. WELCOME TO WHITE GLOBAL DEPRESSION.

  • grillfixer

    oops! 5,6 wtf?? on sum white sh$t? how could this b?? lol

  • Proud ArmyWifee

    wow, like this is something new…thats sad…has he ever paid child support??? But then again thats what she get ‘cuz from what I read, she kinda stingy with the charities oh well…

  • sasha

    Better family than strangers. Brit’s life was out of control, and she was being drugged. She didn’t know whether she was coming or going. And she makes over $1 million a month, so she can well afford to pay them, although I don’t know what her brother did for her. Brit is getting her life back on track, thanks to her father. I’m surprised she’s not paying him more.

  • Davina

    If she has a new successful album out it’s thanks to her father. It’s ok if the money stays in the family because we know Britney has been raised to be a superstar.
    @ proud armywifee : Britney’s parents divorced when she was already established in the music industry.

  • Lita

    This girl can’t get a break. I personally don’t think he should be getting paid anything.

  • J

    He should be paid for taking care of her, and managing her career. That’s a 24/7 job, when is he supposed to go out and earn money for himself?

  • Hercules Hercules Hercules

    SMH. White folk…..

  • AsiaA

    it’s called mooching! lol

    parents weren’t there when she was a kid, now they wanna be there…and get paid.

    that’s like Keisha Cole snapping and Frankie took over, but got paid for it.

    that’s how i look at it.

  • Queen B

    Hellooooo people! In order for her father to be available to take care of her and her affairs he’s basically had to give up his own job, so he should get paid. Dad or no Dad who works for free? He’s not being paid for being her DAD he’s being paid for being her biz manager. Ummm Usher’s mom, Bow Wow’s Mom, Ashanti’s Mom, the list goes on folk!

    And her parents were ALWAYS there for her in the past then she hooked up with K-Fraud and things started to go down hill from there and she started alienating herself from her folks. If it wasn’t for her father stepping in to say enough is enough for all we know she’d have become the next Amy Winehouse by now or worst yet dead. Do kudos to pops for doing the thang!

  • SGKM

    Uh hello?!? With everything they are doing to help her right now, why shouldn’t they get paid?

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