Nobody Likes Me! The 10 Most Hated Celebrities Of 2012

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Most Hated Celebrities Of 2012

2012 has been quite a tough year for some people. There are millions of people in the country and it’s difficult to peeve all of them off. Somehow, these people managed to earn the hatred and anger of most of the country. They tried hard, succeeded and became the most hated celebrities of 2012.

So, so sad. Feel free to add to the list and see who you want to throw shade at.

Kris Humphries – He continued to be a douchebag, nagging Kim about court cases and getting his boo knocked up.

Donald Trump – He sunk even lower than ever exploiting the Sandy tragedy to his own political gain.

Chris Brown – He said he’d poo on a woman’s ear and has generally been an A-hole.

Dwight Howard – He held up his team and pretty much is killing the Lakers. He’s the most hated guy in sports.

Skip Bayless – He’s going to be on this list every year.

Chad Ochocinco – He crapped the bed with New England then headbutted his wife. Yikes.

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    The Game – He’s chickened out on his marriage then got back then chickened out again. And he thought he was Jesus.

    Nicki Minaj –She made a ton of annoying music and became the most hated judge on any talent show of all time.

    Azealia Banks – Every day is a new twitter feud for her. When more people hate you than have heard a song, you know it’s a wrap.

    Mitt Romney – He called all of us lazy, do-nothings for voting for Obama. His career is over.

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    • Kajal

      I think kim kardashian has had a pretty rough year and I am not a hater or anything but I don’t think she did anything. To me she just laid on her backside

    • charmaine greer

      People only hatin on Chris brown is b/c dry dnt have da cute looks lyk him.

    • JFK2112

      Reality Check…we are freaking lazy.

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