Thanks, I Guess: Top 10 Unwanted Christmas Gifts

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It’s better to give than receive. Gift > no gift. It’s the thought that counts. Holy trinity of Holiday clichés that make meaningless gifts acceptable. In most cases, unwanted gifts are “appreciated” but usually a waste of quality wrapping paper. 350+ days to shop and you give everyone framed pic stitches of yourself? Nah, bruh.

Here are ten unwanted gifts to never give loved ones. Take a look.

Self-Help Books –

Berenstain Bearish mothers, daughters and wives don’t want weight loss guides. Your deeply-scorned cousin doesn’t want Steve Harvey books. There’s a time and place for making loved ones feel completely unloved. Christmas isn’t that time.

Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday perfume –

We doubt grown women want to smell like Forever 21 fitting rooms and pure delusion. If one, somewhere, does she’s 12 and doesn’t know it.

Kmart Gift Card –

Why put your loved one in this position like Target, Best Buy or Wal-Mart don’t exist?

“Martin” Season 5 –

“As Americans, we need to come together and agree “Martin” Season 5 never happened” – Barack Obama.

Roc-A-Wear, South Pole, Karl Kani, Sean John, FUBU, Coogi or Ecko apparel –

Only homeless people (and dirty ’ole cat daddies with gray cornrows) rock “urban gear” in 2012.

Random “Playlist: The Very Best of…” Albums –

VERY BEST of…Ruben Studdard? Yeeeeeeeea, no.

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    Air Ricky Rozay Reebok Classics –

    God didn’t mold you in His image to rock Reebok Classics in 2013.

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    Davidoff Cool Water, Joop! or Curve Gift Set –

    “COOL WATER FLOW” – no one this year (or any year after 2001)

    Wal-Mart’s $5 Bargain Bin Movies –

    If you have TBS, TNT and FX, you’ll never need to own any of these movies. What’s in this bin, will always be in this bin. Forever.

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