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Is the kid really not his son?

Man Claims To Be The Real Father Of Michael Jackson’s Son

Michael Jackson’s infamous dermatologist, who previously shot down rumors that he was the biological father of MJ’s eldest son Prince Michael, is now hinting that there might have been some truth to the word on the street after all.

via TMZ

Dr. Arnie Klein — Michael Jackson’s famed dermatologist — has just taken credit for fathering MJ’s son Prince Jackson … sort of.

Klein posted this cryptic picture on his Facebook profile yesterday, showing Prince side-by-side with an old photo of Klein when he was younger — presumably to show the resemblance.


Under the photo, Klein wrote the caption, “hmmmmm” — a wink at people who’ve been saying for years that Klein provided the sperm that fathered Prince and Paris.

Debbie was Arnie’s medical assistant back when Michael was a patient — but she’s never spoken publicly about the identity of the father.

Arnie has previously denied being the dad, telling Diane Sawyer, “To the best of my knowledge, I am not the father of these children.”

Normally it would be assumed that this guy’s sudden burst of honesty was completely fueled by the thirst for some daddy dollars from the MJ estate. But the picture above says a thousand words and can only mean one thing: this would be the greatest Maury episode ever.

So, what say you Bossip fam? Is this guy the real father of Prince Michael?

Photo Credit: WENN/TMZ



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