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The balls on this guy! Lance Armstrong plotted to use his cancer diagnosis as a defense if he was ever questioned about using steroids!

Via NYDailyNews reports:

A former teammate of Lance Armstrong testified in a sworn affidavit that Armstrong planned to use his testicular cancer as his “card to play” if his doping sins ever caught up with him, according to a source.

Jonathan Vaughters, Armstrong’s U.S. Postal teammate, said in his affidavit that Armstrong blamed the spread of his cancer on the fact that the International Cycling Union (UCI), the sport’s governing body, didn’t detect high levels of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in Armstrong’s body when it tested the cyclist.

The drug, known as hCG, is taken by males who are steroid users to boost their natural testosterone levels and prevent testicular atrophy.

According to a Daily Mail report, which printed portions of Vaughters’ affidavit, Vaughters said that during a U.S. Postal training camp, “I had a conversation with Lance in which he told me that the UCI should have detected a high level of hCG in his doping controls when he had cancer but failed to do so . . . Lance said, ‘If I ever have a doping problem, I have this card to play.’ ”

Last week, Armstrong admitted to doping during his two-part interview with Oprah Winfrey, and said the PEDs were behind his seven Tour de France victories, titles which have since been stripped from him by the United States Anti-Doping Agency. USADA’s reasoned decision on Armstrong, released last year, includes information from numerous affidavits from his former teammates.
Armstrong told Winfrey that he did not think PEDs were responsible for his cancer, which he was diagnosed with and battled before his Tour victories.

This guy truly ain’t isht! Just think about all those people fighting cancer who thought this guy was a hero, when he was actually a zero!




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