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The music industry’s dirty little secrets have never been more accessible than they are in today’s scandal-obsessed society. At some point, Rap’s best kept secrets and ugly truths leaked into cyberspace with only a few remaining virtually unknown to this ’90s-born, YOLO-fueled, internet rapper-guided generation.

Here are the top ten little-known Rap facts. Take a look.


Aaliyah broke up the Roc –

Roc-A-Fella Records co-founders Dame Dash and Hovvy Hov were both crazy in love with the iconic songbird and her untouchable crop top collection, at the same damn time. Some say “business differences” ended the Roc but the pictures (and industry whispers) tell a different story.


Master P was the first to give Beyonce national exposure –

Before Bey Bey was Goddess of Negronia, she sang for anyone who would listen during the “WTF is a Destiny’s Child?”-era in ’97. Knowing this, Master P featured the widely-unknown group on Silkk’s struggle-jam “Just Be Straight With Me.” Google it.


Nas wrote “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It” for Will Smith –

This is almost more shocking than “The Color Purple” and “The Wiz” having white directors.

jayz rocawear

Jay-Z fears releasing his autobiography “The Black Book” (written by Dream Hampton) –

Hovvy Hov’s Black Book of secrets has always been one of Hip-Hop’s greatest legends. Whether it really exists or not, we may never know, mainly because Hov believes it reveals too much, about everything.


Consequence ghostwrote for Kanye West –

Known more for the army of Beaver teefs at war in his mouth than anything rap-related, Cons molded the lyrically-worthless Yeezy into the rapper he is today. See: Consequence x Kanye West “Good, Bad & Ugly” and compare their flow. Identical.

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Plies attended TWO Division I schools on scholarship –

Don’t let the gnome-sized hoodrat whisperer fool you, he’s quite articulate and college-educated. In fact, the fake ratchet scholar attended Miami University and the University of Central Florida (’95-’98) under the name “Nod Washington” while on football scholarship.

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    Lil Wayne Almost Signed to Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam –

    In 2006, Weezy F. Gotta Lotta Babies seriously considered leaving Universal/Cash Money for the Roc in a move that would’ve completely changed the rap game. But his love for Birdman and his tender kisses conquered all.

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    Dr. Dre is really a combination of lesser-known producers –

    Reading album credits is so 1994, but you’ll see the names Mike Elizondo, Mel-Man, Mark Batson, Scott Storch, Dawaun Parker & Focus attached to most “Dr. Dre produced” records. To this day, it’s unclear what records Dr. Dre actually produced himself.

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    Rick Rubin founded Def Jam Records in his NYU dorm room –

    Blood Diamond Russ is often credited with launching Def Jam Records when he really just supported his college roommate Rick Rubin’s vision. Mountain man Rubin was the brainchild, Russy had the industry connects and the rest is history.

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    Beardless, fully-clothed Rick Ross was featured in Trina’s “Told Ya’ll” video –

    Most don’t remember the deeply-delusional man-boob model/rapper struggling to breathe in a ziplock-tight Lakers jersey during this video, but it definitely happened.

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