Cinematic Wreckage: Top 10 Worst Black Movies

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Black cinema is powerful when it’s not dumbed down, c00ned-out or mindlessly-ratchet like the terrible flicks on the list. With so many brilliant minds in “Black Hollywood,” it’s amazing that this cinematic junk food is force-fed to our community.

Here are the ten worst Black movies ever. Take a look.

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“Soul Plane”

C00nery and buffoonery reach uncharted levels in this Herpes sore on the lips of humanity. Saying that this shuck n jive spectacular is the worst Black movie ever made simply isn’t enough.


“For Colored Girls”

This unwatchable Tyler Perry disaster where broken Black women are mistreated, abused and betrayed by wicked Black men is one of the scariest Horror flicks you’ll ever see.


“Carmen: A Hip Hopera”

A “Hip-Hop Opera” where Rap/R&B artists singy-rap dialogue will always be super-corny like every moment of this God-awful musical headlined by Beyonce. For years, people have pretended that this never happened, but it definitely did.



110-minutes of pure cinematic wreckage with no purpose other than to punish you for watching it.


“Why Did I Get Married, Too?”

This unrealistic mishmash of Tyler Perry clichés follows the same doomed couples from the first movie to the darkest, most predictable places. At times, it seems like the only purpose of this cringe-worthy melodramedy is to insult your intelligence.



Ugly, filthy, soul-draining Toni Morrison book adaptation that will scar you for life. Why anyone would watch this wretched mood-killer on purpose, we’ll never know.

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    “Killa Season”

    The worst of 9824729 straight-to-DVD movies about rappers starring rappers currently rotting in the darkest corners of Netflix. Don’t be a victim.


    “Belly 2”

    Worst sequel in movie sequel history. No debate.


    “Preacher’s Kid”

    There was potential somewhere in this painfully-terrible Gospel play in movie form (starring LeToya Luckett) about a Pastor’s wayward daughter who turns her back on the church to chase R&B stardom. Somehow, this was all Beyonce’s fault.


    The Trois Trilogy

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. No. NOPE.

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    • d180

      What about B.A.P.S,Norbret,Leonard part 6..

    • SOSO

      U can’t be this stupid. Two were based on acclaimed novels. One is a play. Of all the ratchet sh!t that’s come out this is the list? Y’all a mess

    • nancy reagan

      I agree with a few….Precious was wack and the book” push” as well…agreed with why did i get married..i really hated that one.

    • rawhunee

      Good list. Norbit is good btw.

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