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Unanswered Questions About Chris Dorner

The Chris Dorner fiasco has apparently come to a head. The ex-LAPD officer is believed to have died in a standoff at Big Bear. After 10 days, we’re left with a ton of burning questions and things we just don’t really believe.

So without further ado, here are 10 serious questions about the Chris Dorner situation.


1. His Suspension –
Chris Dorner was terminated by LAPD for filing a report that a fellow officer used excessive force on a suspect. The LAPD fired him because they said his claim was false despite the fact the suspect and suspect’s father supported his claim.


2. Why Didn’t The LAPD Just Apologize? – Dorner said he would stop the bloodshed if the LAPD just apologized for their actions. It seems like they could have saved lives by doing so and avoided so much of the conflict.


3. The Manifesto – We only ever got bits and pieces from Dorner’s manifesto before it was released with full names. Sure, some of it seemed wacky but should we discredit everything he said?


4. Why did Dorner target the officer’s daughter and not the officer? – His first alleged victim, Monica Quan, was the daughter of the guy who represented Dorner in his dismissal. Maybe it’s in the manifesto but we’re not sure why she was targeted and not the father.


5. Are We Absolutely Sure Dorner Released The Manifesto? –
Maybe we’ve seen one too many conspiracy movies, but are we positive he wasn’t framed this whole time?


6. The LAPD Shot Two Innocent People – During the whole fiasco, the LAPD opened fire on a car they mistook for Dorner’s and shot two people. Anyone going to report on that?

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7. How In The Hell Did He Survive? – Dorner’s car was found in Big Bear back on February 7th and they just caught him yesterday? How in the hell did he last that long? We want to know!


8. Are We Sure That Was Dorner? – LAPD never properly identified the guy at Big Bear as Dorner. We sure that was him anyway?


9. Oh, He’s Crazy? – Remember the Aurora, Colorado shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting? Remember how those guys were called “mentally ill” or “disturbed?” Notice how they’re just calling Dorner a wack job? Yeah, that’s sorta racist.

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10. Is He Really Dead? – Authorities say they found Dorner’s driver’s license in the burned up cabin. So his remains were charred but his license survived? This sounds fishy.

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