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- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

David Banner (who is not afraid to speak his mind) had something to say about T.I. and his bodyguard snitchin’ situation:

“Tip was feeding this man’s family. We don’t do it like that, dog. We don’t talk to them boys. However it went down, we sit down [and do the jail time,] where I’m from. Dude, you don’t tell it. You hope the people you holding down is man enough to hold your people down. [The bodyguard] wasn’t a convicted felon, my dude. He could have held [Tip] down. We gotta start making the environment in our neighborhoods not conducive to snitching. How I’m doing this song, I’mma make it uncomfortable for snitches.”

Click here to read what No Cents, Akon, and the Rza have to say about T.I.

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  • Ban on Banner

    Brilliant David. That’s right lying is good. Tell that to the father on judgement day.

  • Ban on Banner

    *takes a bow*


  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque
  • elle

    I want to know what got TI so shook that he felt like he needed all that arsenal in the first place.

  • Dchick

    How about not making our neighborhoods not conducive to crime? Mr. “Who are you leading?” who the hell are you leading?

  • Nita

    way to keeps the guns off the street Banner…


    ummm david why not work to make the environment free of violence? ignorance is bliss i guess. i wish he would sit his stupid ass down

  • Dchick

    oops meant take out the first “not”

  • Tara

    So now i guess we are teaching our children to go to jail for others….this is sad. Maybe TI should take some responsibility here. What is this world coming too??? And I do not know anyone who really wants to keep it “real” and go to jail for someone else. And Im sure the bodyguard has a family too.

  • Jordan

    I don’t understand why Banner is mad at the bodyguard for snitching, but doesn’t he say something about T.I. being a dumbass for trying to buy illegal weapons as a 2-strike felon? Guns are killing our people, yet your gonna criticize a guy for snitchin’, yet not the one who was buying the guns. What’s gonna hurt our communities more: snitching or guns? This stop snitching crap is gettin’ stupid.

  • Mary J Blige

    i refuse to accpet anything coming from a man best known for wanting women to get their pussies wet!wtf? thinking he can turn around and get intellectual on my azz. NO! David Banner and his stupid ‘hood’ philosophies need to stay in the damn hood. i hate the fact that such an ignorant roach gets the chance tp spread ignorance amongst the black community (many of who will agree with this ghetto mentality). Informing the police is part of our civic duty in order to ensure the safety of ALL OF US. quit wid that NWA mentality. if his family got shot down tomorrow (God forbid)and I was the only witness, i know that David would be on the phone begging me to ‘snitch’. THINK PEOPLE

    all my love as always(but not to you David)

    Mary Jane Elizabeth Shardice Blige

  • Not You

    We need to get the good people out of the hood and replace them with the likes of TI and David Banner. Let them destroy each other and leave the good black folks out of it!

  • Shasta

    What a JACK AZZ!!! The stop snitching message comes from and is carried out by some messed up in the head FOOLS.

  • Mahogany

    The ATF are vigilantes in what they do.

    The “F” especially.

  • vjhe

    OK it’s official, David Banner is a Idiot.

  • SavviSweet

    What…..um yeah I love Bill Cosby.

  • me

    ignorant is right. he is totally misguided. snitching is not the problem. crime is.he should speak out against silliness like a convicted felon attempting to buy firearms instead of a man who would rather turn in the dumb felon than go to jail himself just for the sake of being real and getting a mention in album credits for his troubles. such foolishness…

  • me

    and that is this ridiculous mentality is the reason so many murders go unsolved and innocent lives unavenged. way to perpetuate this crap david dumbass

  • Deebo

    Oh F@ck That!!!

    you are a perfect example as to why ignorant people like David Banner should get no shine. Now you blamin’ the bodyguard for dragging down TI? How about putting the blame on the one person who ACTUALLY PAID FOR the damn guns, hold up not guns, MACHINE GUNS! & another thing, what do you think TI was going to do with those guns anyway??? You think he was going Duck hunting ?? HELL NO!! If anything by “snitchin” on TI, the bodyguard probably saved someone’s ass, that’s for damn sure…

  • http://none J.Logan (Hold on)

    You guys are taking this stop snitching stuff in the wrong way. First off no one in their right mind is going to let a serial killer live next door to them. Thats plain retarded. But at the same time The “Stop snitchin campaign” Is applied only to those who get caught up in their own situations. For instance If my brother gets caught robbing a liquior store, and i was the driver but he gets caught, thats him. Police do not know that i had anything to do with it. But if he says ” J.Logan was the driver” then thats snitchin point blank. Us as blacks coming out the hood or poverty do not condone that. Now the unsolved murder situations is only a symbol of people not being snithes. Its like this you cant afford to snitch on someone who killed somebody, or you are about to get killed. Thats why people dont snitch. You guys think that us saying “stop snithcing” raises up the bar for violence. IT DOESNT. Its just a national code for “Mind your own business” and “If you get caught in your actions do not tell on everyone around you”

  • Ttime

    David Banner should be SHOT–and nobody better SNITCH!!!!

  • Lano

    I do not agree with this dick head Im so tired of people defending people just because there black.T.I should not have been in a situation that he could get snitched on.He has all the money he needs to take care of his family.David you really need invest in some kind of therapy you always sound like you on some bad medication.

  • http://comcast joyce

    David Banner I thought you were a educated man. Your talking real stupid, it’s time for all of you to grow up and realize that no one should be in a position to go to jail. Like Chris Rock said,”Dude your not suppose to go to Jail!”

  • Geisha

    David Banner is real backwards! The bodyguards job is to protect not to go to jail 4 T.I!!! Why should that bodyguard lose his freedom and get a record for someone who can hire and fire him the next day?? TAKE NO FALL FOR NO MAN!!!

  • Lano


    David Banner should be SHOT–and nobody better SNITCH!!!!

    Great point!!!

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