On The Come Up: BOSSIP Talks To “The Face” Contestants Devyn, Ebony And Sandra About Breaking Into Modeling And Behind The Scenes Drama

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One of these girls might just be the next black model to step into Naomi Campbell’s Louboutins!

Last week Oxygen premiered the first episode of their new model competition show “The Face” which features supermodels Naomi Campbell, Karolina Kurkova and Coco Rochas as celebrity judges. BOSSIP had the opportunity to speak with Devyn, Ebony and Sandra, the three black models representing for brown-skinned bangers everywhere with modeling dreams.


So far Devyn is already a team favorite, with the three judges each vying for her to join their team.

“It was a big shock,” the 21-year-old Bronx native tells BOSSIP of learning that she’d be able to choose any of the three supermodels as her coach. “I was confident in getting into the house, I had convinced myself I’d get in but I wasn’t expecting to be picked by all three coaches whatsoever. I was stoked, it definitely put a big smile on my face.”

As a single mother of a two-year-old daughter, juggling several jobs to keep her family afloat, Devyn said that she was drawn to #TeamKarolina because she felt the model mom would better relate to her own struggle.

“I wanted to be a place where people could understand my story and my struggle,” Devyn told BOSSIP. “I felt like Naomi would understand, but she wouldn’t be able to relate to it, where Karolina is a mother. She knows what it is to have a child, she knows the struggles, the everyday things like potty training. Naomi doesn’t have kids, she wouldn’t understand. My mindstate on the show isn’t about me, I’m doing it for my daughter. Karolina would be able to understand because she’s a supermodel doing it for her son.”

It turns out that Devyn quickly found good company in teammate Ebony, who hails from Indiana and is also a single mother.


“Ebony was one of the girls I got closest to,” Devyn told BOSSIP. “I still love her to death to this day, I still support and talk to her. The struggle we had was something we could relate to and we were each someone, we both could lean on, if she was feeling some kind of way and missing her kids I would comfort her. I had a panic attack over the craziness of the competition and not being able to speak to my daughter and she was there for me. Me and Ebony definitely hit it off.”

“We have a lot in common, we’re both single moms, we both work really hard for what we have, so it was easy for us to be close,” Ebony told BOSSIP.”

If you’ve been watching the show, then you already know that the reality TV drama starts very quickly, and 20-year-old Philadelphia native Sandra finds herself at the center of it from the second episode, which airs tonight.


“It’s a competition, I really wasn’t trying to make friends,” Sandra told BOSSIP. “I was there to learn from the best that have done it and I was there to win. I could be cordial, I could be nice but I’m not there to make friends, I was there to work and do business.”

We had to ask her if she at least found some comfort in having Ebony and Devyn along for the journey, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

“I’m not going to say I got along with them,” Sandra said with a laugh. “I think everybody was moreso… How can I say this, they knew it was a competition and they knew I was there to get it. The girls in the house probably thought I was crazy, but I’m not crazy, i just wanted to chase after my dreams. I wouldn’t say I had arguments with them. I didn’t feel close to them though.”

“Oh Gosh, Sandra…” Ebony said when BOSSIP asked her about her castmate. “The maturity level was different, that’s all it is. I didn’t really fight with her, we were on a different page in life. I’m a little older and didn’t have time for the added drama.”

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