On The Come Up: BOSSIP Talks To “The Face” Contestants Devyn, Ebony And Sandra About Breaking Into Modeling And Behind The Scenes Drama

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While Devyn and Ebony’s model dreams are motivated by their children, Sandra has a different motivation. After he brother was shot to death in April 2010, she set her sights on helping her mom retire and find a better life.

“My brother was murdered at the age of 20 and my mom being a single mother, it was just me and my brother, so it was hard,” Sandra recalled. “My mom did everything she could do for me and my brother and I just wanted to return that gift to her, like you don’t have to work anymore. It’s hard out in these streets. That’s the reason why I was on that show going through it. It’s hard out here, if you don’t got it you gotta go home. It’s not a lot of girls who can relate to my story. I was happy to be there, just to be on Naomi’s team — she’s an icon.”

While Ebony and Devyn were both #TeamKarolina, the ladies all shared stories of being inspired by Naomi Campbell.

“Hearing that Naomi was going to be one of the mentors turned me on completely, I jumped at the opportunity,” Ebony told BOSSIP. “The experience itself was awesome with Naomi, it is every black model’s dream to be able to work with Naomi Campbell so it was surreal.”

And for Sandra, landing on #TeamNaomi was a dream come true.

“When I opened my eyes [and she picked me] I was like I’m dreaming,” Sandra told BOSSIP. “Then when she ran up to me and called me Baby Bambi I was like, ‘This is really true.’ I used to watch her on tv and see her in magazines. I was always like “Mom who is she?” I wanted to be like her.”

Granted, some of the rumors that we’ve heard about the in-fighting between coaches on the show is true, according to the ladies but they each had a different take on the drama.


“I’m a people person, I don’t like judging,” Devyn explained to BOSSIP. “I play somewhat of the “group mama” even with all the craziness and drama, having all these women coming from different cultures there was bound to be drama. I tried to stay pretty neutral, when you watch the show there is craziness — between Karolina and Naomi, Jocelyn and Sandra — if I was approached with the drama I would try to get one person to see the other’s side of things, but my focus was the competition and I wasn’t going to let any drama in the house distract from that.”

As the mother of a four-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son, Ebony was intent on staying above the fray.

“I’m 21, I just got out of high school a couple of years ago, it just reminded me of that,” Ebony told BOSSIP. “It wasn’t surprising but it was frustrating at times, it was like okay, we’re doing this again. I’m talking about the judges, the girls, it was something new every day. I tried to stay above it, with girls it’s hard. For the most part a lot of girls would come to me and talk about their problems. I tried to stay level headed. I wanted to make sure when my kids watch I want them to be proud of me and think that everything I teach them i’m applying to my real life so I tried to stay away from the drama.”


Despite her own problems with some of the other girls in the house, even Sandra says the show helped her mature and that she walked away with a wealth of knowledge.

“I learned more experience and I learned how to “Woo-Sah” when the arguments appeared,” Sandra told BOSSIP. “I matured a whole lot. This was an opportunity of a lifetime and it changed my whole life. I thank God for this opportunity. Just to work with Naomi, Coco and Karolina, it was a dream come true, I really thought I was living in a dream.”

Ebony Smith

We also had to ask the ladies about how they felt they’d be able to handle the fashion industry’s infamous issues with models of color, issues that Ebony said she felt prepared to tackle after going to high school in Indiana.

“I went to school here in indiaana and I had to endure racism every day,” Ebony told BOSSIP. “No experience in the Fashion world can be worse than drunken teenagers so I’m not worried about it. It’s 2013 it’s time to be open minded, I don’t have time for people who have issues with me over something I have no control over.”

For the folks wondering how “The Face” differs from “America’s Next Top Model” Devyn probably summed it up best.

“‘The Face’ gives more opportunity than most reality shows, as you see in the first challenge we shot with Patrick Demarchelier,” Devyn said. “The first challenge, that’s insane. In the modeling world that’s unheard of. It was a complete honor. It was a great opportunity. The next challenge was a shoot for W magazine. It changes your life. Each challenge teaches you to be a better person and a better model. Everyone on Team Karolina will be in W magazine in April. It’s not just about the drama, it’s more about changing people’s lives.”

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