Modern Royalty: 10 Reasons Why Black Women ROCK

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Black women are the most poked, prodded and attacked group of women on Earth. According to “experts,” most are angry, obese and will never get married. Being Black AND female in America? Everyday struggle, but rather than dwell in negativity we compiled this list to celebrate the beautiful women who keep our community together.

Here are the ten reasons Black women ROCK. Take a look.

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Believe in Black men when no one else does

There are thousands of successful sistas supporting employment-allergic brothas and their often delusional dreams because they believe in them. Seriously, who do you think is providing hot meals, shelter and transportation for all these struggle rappers? If it’s not their mama, it’s a quality Black woman.


Timeless beauty

Black never cracks (unless you’re Lil Kim or Vivica Fox) which explains why so many women of color are forever stunning and ageless. At 35, most Black women stop aging and may actually grow finer with age. Science.


Undying Loyalty

Gina could’ve left Martin because she was sick of living in that run-down apartment but stuck with him (and dealt with Bruh Man randomly swooping through windows). When a Black woman is down for her man, she’s 100% ride or die—Martin-broke or James Evans-poor. Doesn’t matter.

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There’s nothing like a confident thicksnack with heavenly cakes and thighs. In society’s eyes, she’s obese when, in reality, she’s everything Maya Angelou waxed poetically about. Thick women, you’re beautiful, no matter what these 90-pound stick figures say.



A Black woman will give you her everything, at all times, especially if she loves you. The way Jill Scott sang about love and GRITS on “Who Is Jill Scott?” Woo, LAWD, yes.

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Raw talent

It’s easy to slander Beyonce because she’s so self-obsessed and robotic but, honestly, she’s impossibly-talented. Like, beyond the human talent limit. Between her and the Arethas, Serenas, Violas and even Debbie Allens, there’s an incredible amount of talent among Black women.

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    No one twerks like a Black woman when her song comes on. If twerking were an Olympic sport, Black women would never lose. Born with uncanny twerk abilities, they control rooms (and male minds) with every hip movement.


    Rich culture

    It may sound corny, but Black women were once queens before they were easy media targets and daily blog topics. At some point, history was rewritten (and Nefertiti was painted white) but there’s far more to Black women, culturally, than most know.

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    Quiet Strength

    Michelle Obama has cussed out Republicans in her head while smiling gracefully with her husband at events. If anything, she’s a shining example of quiet strength (and self-control) as one of the most attacked Black women in America.



    Harriett Tubman did more than just lead thousands of slaves to freedom. She instilled an undying spirit of resilience into generations of Black women so that they, too, could fight oppression as she did.

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