Hidden Gems: Top 10 Slept-On Hip-Hop Artists

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Rappers rock Charlotte Russe dresses, glittery leggings, leather tutus and bedazzled vests in 2013. Somehow, Hip-Hop evolved into a gimmick-fueled reality show. Sad reality, but true, in this audio junk food era where quality music is hidden on the internet.

Here are the ten most slept-on rappers alive. Take a look.

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He’s only the biggest rap star in your apartment complex who, lyrically, is the most slept-on MC in Hip-Hop. Hilarious on Twitter (@Phontigallo) while on tour with incredible Soul collective Foreign Exchange, Phonte is easily your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.



Hip-Hop can’t possibly die with TiRon in the game. He’s just too dope for you NOT to know who he is. Jaded with Rap music? Download TiRon’s “Ketchup” then move to “A Sucker For Pumps.” You’re welcome.

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Bar-for-bar, Sky-zoo is lyrically-untouchable. Right now, in 2013, there’s no better lyricist than Skyzoo. Better overall Rap artists? Absolutely. But a better rappity-rappin rapper iller than Skyzoo? Nah.



If Kendrick Lamar is TDE’s general, Ab-Soul’s the Lieutenant who many believe is BETTER than Kendrick. Either way, he’s A) incredible and B) the only rapper you’ll ever hear rap about Ancient Egypt, aliens and b*tches in the same verse. SOUL.

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Action Bronson

The Sasquatch-sized MC raps likes he’s standing on a fluffy cloud. At first, you’ll think he sounds exactly like Ghostface, and that’s normal, but you’ll see they’re completely different, lyrically. Intrigued? Start with “Bird on a Wire.” He’s next.

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Black Milk

Curtis “Black Milk” Cross has a way with drums—filthy, nasty, sinister snares—that separate him from 99% of producers. Underground famous with rich Detroit roots, you NEED his music in your life. All of it.

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    Jean Grae

    Don’t let the pretty face fool you, Jeanie’s a stone-cold killer on the mic who would melt Nicki Minaj into Barbie goo. Lyrically-vicious (See: “8”), she’s completely-insane in a hilarious way. Follow her on Twitter (@JeanGreasy). You’ll see.

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    MF Doom

    No one cared who Doom was until he rocked the mask (which he never takes off). Recently quoted by Drake, he’s the most musically-brilliant producer/rapper/weirdo in Hip-Hop.



    Tribe Called Quest. De La Soul. Outkast. Little Brother. And now Fly.Union. Love relatable Hip-Hop groups? You’ll LOVE Fly.U and their criminally-slept-on album “TGTC.”



    The reflection in Johnson “Blu” Barnes’ mirror is somewhat complex, flawed and reality-bitten. More of a jaded hippie than MC, Blu spits with the best of them when he’s not running from fame like Andre 3000.

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