Hidden Gems: Top 10 Most Slept-On R&B Artists

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Most people rather complain about today’s glowstick fluid-drenched R&B than search for quality artists making good music. In 2013, OONZ-OONZ-EuroPop is disguised as “R&B” giving you no choice but to scour the internet for gimmick-free music. Stressful? YES, but necessary in this audio junk food era.

Here are the ten most slept-on R&B artists. Take a look.


The Foreign Exchange

1) Nicolay, from the Netherlands connects with Phonte, from N.C. online 2) Nicolay sends Phonte soulfully-infectious beats to write to, croon over and send back 3) Nicolay & Phonte form The Foreign Exchange—R&B/Soul’s best-kept secret 4) You read this and google “Foreign Exchange music” because they’re DOPE 5) The internet > Life.

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Eric Roberson

Erro has rocked shea buttery crowds as R&B/Soul’s most known unknown since ’01. For every 50 music heads who love him are thousands who aren’t familiar, but should be. Vocally-alluring, with incredible everyman appeal, you NEED Erro on your iPod.

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rochelle jordan pressure cov

Rochelle Jordan

With Aaliyah gone and R&B in complete shambles, the universe needed a game-changer. In 2011, there was Miguel and now, in 2013, there’s Rochelle Jordan—the face of new-age R&B. Similar, yet completely-different from Aaliyah, she’s destined to flourish much sooner than later.

Jesse Boykins III

No man should ever take his girl to a Jesse Boykins show. Nope, never. Because once she makes eye contact with him, she’s gone forever. Well, that’s the legend, but seems true if you’ve ever seen the panty-melting lady killer perform live. If ANY artist is next, it’s Jesse Boykins III.



The aurally-stunning trio sounds like how fresh Cheddar Bay biscuits taste, especially on the heavenly ear candy “Hey.” Musically-organic, KING makes you feel like you’re standing on the fluffiest cloud in the sky. Don’t sleep.


Allen Stone

You’ve never heard a white boy anyone SANG the way Allen Stone sang on his breakthrough single “Unaware” that opened the portal to “us.” Yes, he looks like a complete dweeb who rocks sandals with mismatch socks but he’s the absolute truth.

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    BJ the Chicago Kid

    Comparing the incredibly-soulful crooner to D’Angelo is completely-unfair but that’s who most will think about while playing his undeniable debut album “Pineapple Now+Laters.” Underground-famous, BJ has the buttery biscuits and gravy-vocals and charm to elevate R&B to another level.


    Stacy Barthe

    Soulfully-intoxicating singer/songwriter who connects with you on multiple levels? It’s definitely Stacy Barthe who, if marketed correctly, could be everything Jazmine Sullivan should’ve been. Stacy Barthe x Frank Ocean “Without You?” Essential.


    Luke James

    Still widely-unknown despite touring with Beyonce, the Grammy-nominated crooner has the undeniable talent and charisma to win this year. Creatively-refreshing, he’s one of a few artists making quality Grown & Employed-Soul. His debut “Made to Love” drops later this year.



    You’ve probably never heard of the ethnically-ambiguous crooner from Amsterdam but he’s blessed with one of the silkiest falsettos in R&B/Soul. For those looking for hidden gems, start with “Our Attempt” then move to Full Crate & Mar. You’re welcome.

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