Erica Mena Blamed For DJ Envy Photo Leaks And Cheating Accusations

Rumor Control: Erica Mena Still Mad About Being A Jilted Sidechick!!! Fake Pics Of DJ Envy Package Hit The Net

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So much for Erica Mena rising above!

The scandalous “model” turned “artist” is likely at the center of a scheme designed to embarrass DJ Envy and break up his family.

Late Thursday night BOSSIP received an email from a woman claiming to be having an affair with DJ Envy despite his recently coming clean to his wife on the air after a dalliance with LHHNYC certified “angry bird” Erica Mena. The email alleged that Envy is still cheating on his wife with a woman named “Christy” and included three photos — two of an unidentified “package” and one face shot that has been posted by Mena just months ago.

Hit the flip for the details from the email and Envy’s response.

Erica Mena, Beverly Hills, California, United States_WENN

The email sent to BOSSIP and several other outlets reads:

Here are facts! “Married” Dj envy is STILL sleeping around! You can see by the tattoo on his arm that was just re-done that he is still the same old dog. Clearly Erica Mena isn’t the only one he is/has slept with. He is still to this day sleeping around on his wife behind her back. Even after his well played break down on air.

Ask him about me sincerely “rich b**ch”

But there were several problems with the email, namely the fact that one of the photos used was posted by Mena herself back in FEBRUARY.


Envy also immediately issued a denial on Twitter

While this could easily be a case of he say/she say we can’t help but notice the timing is really priceless…According to an inside source this “photo leak” is just a case of Mena seeking revenge as Envy posted a few photos of some well-deserved treats he purchased for his pregnant wife. Hit the flip to see the tweets that set Erica off.

Angela Yee,DJ Envy, Inglewood, California, United States_WENN

Sure looks like somebody can’t stand that Envy and his wife are still together and will do anything to try to break them up.

Do you agree that Erica Mena is likely to blame?

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