Breaking New Ground: Who Should Make “I Hit It First” Songs About These Celebrities?

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Celebrities Who Could Say They “Hit It First”

Ray J has dropped an epic song called “I Hit It First” about how his loving put Kim Kardashian on the map. Well, he’s not actually accurate about being the first to tap it, even though he’s the most famous. The whole song made us think about some other people who could pull off saying they “hit it first” and make it work.

So here they are, some famous acts who could hold the claim to “hitting it first”…sorta.

Chris Brown – He could lay claim to putting Karrueche on the map. He clearly is the first relevant person to hit it.

Kanye West – He definitely hit Amber first, of course with the exception of whoever in the strip club walked in with a few stacks.

T.I. and Tiny – They each could say they gave one another the fame by letting the other hit. Would we call that mutual hitting for fame?

Wyclef – He could sing the song about Lauryn. It’d be horrible but he’d do it.

Lil Wayne – There’s no Toya reality show if he doesn’t get her knocked up.

Antoine Walker – If he made music he’d make a song about being the first important person to hit Evelyn Lozado.

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    Dwight Howard – He was the first to hit Royce Reed but no way is he the last.

    Kobe Bryant – He picked up Vanessa out of nowhere and now she’s balling even though she wasn’t with him shooting in the gym.

    Fabolous – No matter how in love Joe and Tahiry are, Fabolous got in those goodies first and foremost.

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