Big Fat Liar: 10 BIGGEST Rick Ross Lies Part 2

Big Fat Liar: 10 BIGGEST Rick Ross Lies Part 2

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Ricky Rawse has told a lifetime worth of extravagant lies and fairy tales on records so, naturally, we made a Pt. 2. Officer Ricky the greatest liar EVER? No question.

Here are ten more of the BIGGEST Rick Ross lies. Take a look.

“I look in my fridge/my sh*t lookin’ scarce” – “Hold Me Back”

This may be the greatest lie to ever slither from his Ranch dressing-stained lips.

“I wanna take my b*tch around the globe/Hawaii, hang gliding in the mountains, sh*ttin’ on these hos – “Super High”

Ain’t no way a 380-pound mammal is hang gliding (or taking flight in any way) without falling straight to Hell.

“I’m in a two-seater, me & two women” – “9 Piece”

“Two women” = his right and left man-boob, right? Because this math….

“B*tch, you wasn’t with me shooting in the gym” – “Stay Schemin”

If you believe Rawse has a gym membership then you’ll believe Fantasia has a library card.

“I laugh while I’m doing laps in the swimming pool” – “Usual Suspects”

All Rawse had to say was “I’m floating like a wounded manatee in the swimming pool” but nooooooo he was “doing laps.” FOH.

“N**gas tried to kill me, but I had the thing cocked” – “Colombia (Remix)”

We’re supposed to believe these outlandish claims with “Colombia” spelled incorrectly on the official single artwork? Fun fact: Columbia is the capital of South Carolina.

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    “Just parked the caddy in the living room” – “John Doe”

    …so you don’t have to waddle alllll the way outside to the drive-way, sweaty and out of breath? Must be nice.

    “Pink champagne. Black Rolls Royce. Eggplant double-breasted suit from Tom Ford”

    Rawse loves rapping about luxury cars and slim-cut suits he can’t fit into. Look at that one suit button holding his entire life together—stressed. Suits that FIT don’t look like this.

    “Wakin’ up to turkey bacon and my thick queen” – “Sixteen”

    A 300-pound man who A) sweats chicken grease and gravy and B) has d-cups spilling from his 6XL silk blouses eats turkey bacon? Hmmm..

    “I can put 1,000 gangstas in any hood if I want to” – 99 Jamz interview

    Just 1,000? That’s all?

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