Dirtiest Dirty Dog Diaries: A List Of Alllll The Times Chris Brown Was Accused Of Cheating

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A History Of Chris Brown Cheating

Chris Brown has been accused of being one hell of a dirty dog.

He’s rumored to be cheating on every women he gets involved with. Even from the jump with Rihanna, he was allegedly caught cheating. How much will she stand? Who knows, but we do know that this alleged dirty dog hasn’t seemed to change his bark.

With that said, here are all (or most) of the Chris Brown cheating rumors.

Tina Davis – Back when the Rihanna scandal first happened, it was rumored that Tina Davis was the other woman who set it off. But then more rumors circulated that it was…

Natasha Ellie – Allegedly it was Natasha Ellie who was the actual woman who set off the Rih Rih and Breezy situation.

Rihanna – When he was with Karrueche, he is rumored to have cheated on her with Rihanna. But that couldn’t be true, could it?

Mysterious Brunette – On Halloween, Breezy was seen cuddling up to this mysterious woman while Rih Rih was in attendance. He never learns.

Nicole Scherzinger – Breezy was seen hitting on Nicole and trying to get at her while he was with Rihanna.

Karrueche – And of course he supposedly cheated on Rihanna with Karrueche. Turnabout is fair play and what have you.

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    Waitress – Over the weekend Breezy was allegedly getting served more than cocktails by a waitress in New York.

    Sommer Gargan – Back in January, Brown was alleged to be fooling around with a Becky named Sommer. She doesn’t seem close to worth it.

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