Forever Oscar-Unworthy: Top 10 WORST Actors On Earth

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Last week, we showcased the absolute worst actresses on the planet who consistently ruin decent movies or shows. This week, we present the men.

Here are the ten worst actors in the Hollywood. Take a look.

Tyler Perry

Without his world-famous fatsuit and wig, he’s awkward and confused, especially when kissing women in his always terrible Madea-free movies.

Channing Tatum

Easily the most panty-melting actor alive with mannequin-like screen presence that millions of thirsty women ignore when flocking to his trash bin-worthy movies.


How does a famous rapper cast to basically play himself in movies struggle mightily to do this? Only Clifford “T.I.” Huxtable knows.


The legendary rapper-turned-stiff, twitchy, awkward actor played an “NBA superstar who falls for a gold-hearted chubby lumpkins” in “Just Wright” and failed miserably. Least believable athlete in movie history? No question.

Terrence Howard

He’s the absolute worst, mayne. Name a Terrence Howard movie role better than “The Best Man,” mayne. Nope, you can’t, mayne.


The stuttery Wu God is always enjoyable in small roles but completely-pathetic when given more than five lines. Don’t understand why he made this list? Watch “Man With The Iron Fists.”

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    Vin Diesel

    The action figure-built meat-head mumbles his way through decent action movies with the same caveman emotions and facial expressions in every scene. Just awful.

    Nicolas Cage

    Somewhere between 2004 and now, the once talented actor lost himself and the ability to turn down cringe-worthy movie roles. Now he just stars in trash movies and is horrible in ALL of them.

    50 Cent

    The filthy rich rapper/instigator seems serious about his acting career but his bullet-torn face prevents him from delivering lines clearly. If he’s not playing a rapper or criminal, he’s basically worthless.

    Keanu Reeves

    Innovator of the emotionless mannequin acting technique (used by Channing Tatum and every “Twilight” movie character) that ONLY worked in “The Matrix” series and nothing else.

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