Light-Skinned Problems: 11 Reasons Why It’s Easy To HATE Drake

- By Bossip Staff
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Aubrey Drake Graham is the most loved/HATED rapper alive, with a hypnotic falsetto that leaves women weak and simps teary-eyed. In 2013, his often pathetic combination of va***ally-driven behavior/audio menstruation makes him Rap’s easiest slander target.

Here are ten reasons why it’s easy to HATE Drake. Take a look.

1. He epitomizes the everything that’s hated about tender, delicate, warm milk-blooded light-skinned dudes.

2. He turned “Back That A$$ Up” into an ovary-soothing power ballad.

3. He’s been harassing Aaliyah via Ouija Board for years and refuses to let her rest in peace.

4. He looks like a thumb with Ashanti’s sideburns as eyebrows.

5. He remixed a Destiny’s Child song (“Say My Name”) into “Girls Love Beyonce.”

6. He gets away with Kotex-sponsored behavior that regular men can’t.

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    7. He wrote a song called “Been That Girl” from a woman’s perspective for Melanie Fiona.

    8. He’s the ultimate dweeb who probably croons delicately to his boo while painting her toenails.

    9. His name is “Champagne Papi” on Instagram.

    10. He’s a privileged rich kid from Canada who claims he “started from the bottom.” NAH.

    11. He activated an entire male generation’s inner-Keith Sweat.

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