White Girl Wasted: Photo Gallery Of Amanda Bynes’ Hoodrat Evolution

- By Bossip Staff
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Amanda Bynes was a lovable young actress before Juicy J somehow activated her inner-hoodrat through song. Now she’s a failure-scented trainwreck who looks like she lives inside a dirty UGG boot.

Tragic? Not really, but definitely hilarious.

Here’s a photo gallery of Amanda Bynes’ recent hoodrat evolution. Take a look.

You have to snort an incredible amount of crack for your eye to just stop working.

Photo credit: Twitter

On a scale of 1 to crackhead Britney, Amanda is currently a 4.973.


Photo credit: Twitter

“Bored at my halfway house” selfie.

Photo credit: Twitter

There’s nothing that says “I live inside a filthy dumpster” more than this photo.

We doubt Drake wants to ever be within 1,000 feet of Amanda’s garbage disposal box.

Phnoto credit: Twitter

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    White does, indeed, crack.

    Amanda Bynes killed selfies. Forever.

    Photo credit: Twitter


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