Too Bad: 7 Beautiful Celebrities With Stank Attitudes

- By Bossip Staff
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Beautiful Celebrities With Bad Attitudes

Beautiful women are awesome. They’re great. They make us happy. We like to look at them. And when they have great personalities they’re even better.

On the flipside, when they have crappy personalities, it can really bring them down. Beautiful women can turn to trolls with bad attitudes. And we hate to point the finger, but we have to point at these women as examples.

Keri Hilson – She’s fine but she came off looking like a sorry hater on Twitter and in life.

Stacey Dash – All that Republican stuff and denouncing everyone really turned us off. C’mon, lady.

Nicki Minaj – Anyone else see her on Idol and suddenly wish she were more likable?

Pilar Sanders – Yeah, we could do without all that baby momma drama and sloring.

Sheree Whitfield – We really do wish she were remotely enjoyable.

Sarah Palin – Say what you want: she could get it. But clearly she thinks in crayon so no thanks.

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    Nia – She popped up on the Real World looking super fine…then we saw the insanity first hand. No thank you.

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