The Bad Seed: Daughter Of Cleveland Kidnapper Currently Serving 25 Year Prison Term For Slitting Her Baby’s Throat

- By Bossip Staff

Apparently this whole family ain’t isht.

Via NYPost reports:

Ariel Castro’s daughter is serving a 25-year prison sentence in Indiana for slashing her 11-month-old daughter’s throat in April 2008.

“I want you to know I am a very good mom!” a sobbing Emily Castro (left), now 25, told the judge during her 2008 trial for the attack on her little girl, Janyla.

Emily freaked out a day after she was dumped by her baby daddy, Deangelo Gonzalez.

She took Janyla into the garage of her mother’s home and sliced her throat four times with a knife. Castro then handed her bleeding daughter to her sister, punched her sister, and ran off.

She was later found trying to jump from a tree with minor cuts to her own wrists and throat.

A passer-by called cops, believing the baby had been attacked by a dog.

Castro’s lawyers claimed she was depressed and paranoid in the weeks leading up to the assault, from which the baby fully recovered.

Her brother, who is also named Ariel Castro but goes by the first name Anthony, testified in her defense.

Judge John Surbeck found Emily Castro guilty of attempted murder, but mentally ill.

The girl, now 5, lives with Emily’s sister, Angie Gregg, in Cleveland.

SMH. Wonder if her dad may have done something to her that made her like that.

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