Gotta Pay Bills: 7 Celebrities Who Went Broke And Got Real Jobs

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7 Celebrities Who Went Broke And Got Real Jobs

Usually when famous people say they went broke, they don’t really go broke like we do. They just can’t pay off credit cards and have to sell houses or whatever. It’s rare for them to get so broke that they have to get nine-to-five day jobs.

Sheesh. It’s hard out here for a pimp.

Cappadonna – He’s a member of the Wu-Tang Clan who had to become a taxi driver to help pay the bills while he was in between gigs.

Delonte West – During the NBA lockout, he got a job at a furniture store to get him through.

Shawn Kemp – He had to coach high school ball for a while after his baby mommas came after that money.

Dutchess – She went from Reality star to skripper. Get money money.

Cindy Lauper – She signed her record deal then had to work in retail to keep her finances going.

Antoine Walker – He went broke and had to do one-on-one basketball games to earn some money.

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    Sonny Liston – The world famous world champion boxer ended up being a bouncer to pay the bills.

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