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Most people have a love/hate relationship with the rich and famous who are either cool or aggravating like the mini-fame monsters on this list. Young, rich AND famous is usually not a great combination in today’s Twitter-obsessed society where celebs are more overexposed than ever.

Here are the ten most annoying young celebs alive. Take a look.

Jaden Smith

Lil Smith is Kanye-level arrogant, unlikable and delusional for thinking America would actually support his movie “After Earth.” Slightly more likeable than Willow, he seriously should consider humbling himself.

Amanda Bynes

The dumpster-scented trainwreck and her struggle wigs need to crawl back into the dirty UGG boot where they came from and stay there. If her family and friends really cared, they would break her fingers take her phone/delete her Twitter.

Willow Smith

She lives in her own little magical world and only seems interested in being an industry outcast. At first, her young weirdo quirkiness was cute but now it’s so pretentious and forced that it’s aggravating.

A$AP Bieber

Biebs evolved into a Pac-obsessed hoodrat with too many new Black friends and may be lost forever. At this point, Bieber Ice is trying waaaaaay too hard to be “down.”

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Taylor Swift

How much longer is this talentless pimple on the face of Pop music going to gush “ZOMG, I can’t believe you all love ME. Ahhhh!” after winning Awards? Seriously?

Tyler, the creator

He’s incredibly-talented and hilarious when he’s not creepy, repulsive or behaving like an 8-year-old with severe ADD which is 88% of the time.

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Kristen Stewart

She’s the highest paid actress in Hollywood who plays the same awkward, whiney, mouth-breathing corpse in every movie. UGH.

Mindless Behavior

The glittery teeny-bops may be cute to silly young girls but they’re unbearable to anyone over 14. They gotta go. All of them.

Dakota Fanning

The creepy little know-it-all will always be despised by anyone familiar with her movies.

Bailee Madison

The “too grown for her own good” child actress is similar to Dakota Fanning but waaaaaay WAY worse. Still somewhat new to Hollywood, it’s only a matter of time before everyone hates her.

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