ChitChatter: Kelly Rowland Says Destiny’s Child Songs ‘Girl’ And ‘Bad Habit’ Are About Abusive Relationship And Confesses To Married Celebrity Crush!

- By Bossip Staff


Kelly talks about which celeb she would smash:

He’s taken and I completely respect his wife… if he’s married. Jessie Williams from ‘Grey’s Anatomy’. He’s just gorgeous, it makes no sense how beautiful this man is. I saw him at Super Bowl, and I refused to stare. It’s almost like you’re looking at a work of art. He’s such a man like in the way he talks, and the way he acts, it’s just really interesting.

Her favorite MC:

Kendrick Lamar. I love how witty he is, and how he thinks of things off the cuff. He’s very socially conscious. He puts things that are happening, things that are current events… the way he thinks about stuff and puts it all together in a song, he’s just very smart, very intelligent… I like him a lot.


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