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Left Eye’s younger sister Reigndrop responds to Lil Mama being cast to play her sister and the family being left in the dark about the TLC biopic

Family Of Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes Says They Aren’t Involved In TLC Biopic

The fans and the general public might be excited about the TLC biopic that’s currently in the works, but there’s one pretty important group of people who aren’t quite on that bandwagon: the family of late TLC group member Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

Left Eye’s younger sister Reigndrop Lopes recently sat down with Mara of 4UMF for a quick chat, where she revealed that the family has not been in the loop about anything regarding the biopic since giving their permission to tell Lisa’s story. Check out a few interview excerpts below:

On whether or not the family has been involved with the movie:
“No, we’re not involved in anything actually dealing with TLC. We would love to be involved, but it’s just not the case.

The movie, yeah we knew about it ’cause we had to sign off on it, but we still have nothing to do with the movie, and I don’t know the release date or the premiere date. We didn’t even know when they were shooting. The only way I found out was because a friend of mine was cast as an extra and flew down here, and I happened to go up there with her. We didn’t know anything at all.

The only way I can kind of feel is just disappointed and hurt. I can’t point the finger at anyone ’cause I don’t know whose decisions these are. It could be a collective decision, it could be one person, I have no idea.

“She [their mother] was hurt, she was pissed off, and hurt more than anything, but it’s like what can we do? Legally, I don’t think we can do anything, but it’s just more morally, why wouldn’t you involve the family? We’re right here in Atlanta, and we’re open to being involved. And when you don’t reach out, it makes you wonder why, question why. We don’t know why.

On rumors of a TLC tour and the family’s thoughts on a Left Eye hologram being used:
“I didn’t really know about the tour until you mentioned it. I knew about a couple of dates, Japan and PA, but I really didn’t know about a tour, I didn’t know about the album, you pretty much just mentioned it.”

“Actually, I actually thought of the [hologram] idea doing that even well before 2Pac’s, but I didn’t know if it actually could be done. And then when I saw 2Pac’s, then I was like, okay, well they can do it. I would definitely be okay with it. I don’t how my mom..she mentioned it, and when she mentioned it, she seemed okay with it. From the fans, I hear both sides. I hear fans that would embrace it, and other fans say no, it’s too real. But, that’s saying that now, when I see it, that’s another story.

The thing is, I know the kind of stuff Lisa was into, and that’s something Lisa would have loved, a hologram. So that’s what I think about too.”

Wow. Sounds like Left Eye’s family all but signed away their rights to be involved when they signed off on the movie. Wonder why they’re being kept in the dark?

Hit the flip to hear Reigndrop and her family’s reaction to Lil Mama being chosen to play Left Eye in the biopic, what Left Eye’s relationship was like with her group members just before she passed and whether or not the family still supports T-Boz and Chilli today.



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