Rumor Control: Is Downtown Sweetheart Vashtie Kola “Getting In The Way” Of Ex-Boyfriend Pharrell’s New Family With Fianceé Helen Lasichanh?

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We’re not gonna front — Vashtie Kola is “Someone We Actually Like” but so is Pharrell and we hear great things about his fiancée Helen. So… when we received a tip accusing Kola of homewrecking we were pretty shocked. Check out these claims and tell us if you think they seem realistic:

So I’m not sure if anyone close to Pharell that written in about this. But lately Pharrell’s relationship with Helen has been really rocky all due to his ex Vashtie Kola.

Vashtie has not stopped “communicating” with Pharrell since they broke up. For a long time after the break up they were hooking up, even when she had a boyfriend (who is still her boyfriend mind you though she has never not once said she has a bf) and back when Pharrell was first dating Helen.

To this day, Vashtie is constantly hitting up Pharrell, checking in on him, emailing him, and asking him for help with her career. He feels bad because he was her true love and now he is having a family with someone else so he will to this day put her on for most of her career moves. He funds a lot of her Violette line, gave her the supreme look on Karmaloop which he is creative direct of, and lets her collaborate on a lot of BBC stuff still. Not to mention throws videos her way, and connects her with huge huge brands. She could never get on her own.

She is a serious clinger. And its causing a rift in Helen and Pharrell’s relationship because Helen just wants her to leave her man alone and let them start a family. BBC still will blog posts about Vashtie, Vashtie stays close with BBC employees and its just like – girl move on and let Helen and Pharrell start a life together. Its disrespectful at this point.

Here are pics from this weekend, Vashtie and BBC execs at Pusha T’s store opening (who was originally Pharrell’s artist) ..subliminal tweets which she always does for Pharrell. It’s like move on. You have your own man. Pharrell has his own thing. But she’ll constantly do anything to be connected with him – working with his friends, his artists, showing up at his store, collabing with BBC.

But did you see her at the BBC 10 year reunion – no bc Pharrell was there that would be too obvious. Its all just so sketchy. She is so slimy. Downtown’s Sweetheart ..right. More like homewrecker.

Does this seem like reaching to you guys? A lot of folks are still friendly and helpful when it comes to their exes. Just look at Diddy and J.Lo.

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We reached out to members of Vashtie’s circle to ask if there was any truth to these claims.

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While we couldn’t get anyone from Vashtie’s camp to go on record — nearly everyone we spoke to found these claims downright laughable. We were also able to learn that Vashtie has indeed moved on and is very happy with Scott Williams, the fella she’s pictured next to in the above photo. Our sources tell us they’re perfect for each other, that they’ve been together for years and they like to keep things private — which is why he has a private Instagram account — and the photo above is one of a rare few she’s posted on her account.

And while the vast majority of the public seems perplexed about what exactly it is that Vashtie does, there seem to be a laundry list of major brands who don’t have any problem identifying her talent. She’s clearly a great DJ, marketer, party promoter, video director, fashion designer and Jill of all trades. We were also assured she’s accomplished these things independently and with the support of a great team — not the wallet of her famous ex.

So it seems like much ado about nothing. Vashtie found herself a great guy, Pharrell’s got himself a great girl (and a baby) and they both are living large and in charge.

No homewrecking over here. Hit the flip to enjoy a few more nice pictures of the “Downtown Sweetheart”

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