Falling Off: 7 Celebrities Who Got Fit…Then Got Fat Again

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Celebrities Who Lost And Gained Weight Back

You can’t not applaud people who put in the work to lose weight. They work hard, diet and get their lives together. So it’s just a damn shame when it all falls apart and they lose themselves again. All we can do is shake our heads and think about what was and what could have been.

Here are celebrities who lost weight and gained it right back.

Busta Rhymes – Busta got cut up then he let himself go when he joined Young Money

Oprah – She’s notorious for her weight going up and down like crazy. But she seems to have it together these days.

Jonah Hill – He was skinny for a while…then he got fat again and it really made him funnier for some reason.

Timbaland – Remember the weightlifting Timbo who surprised everyone a few years ago? Well, he’s let himself go a bit.

Tom Hanks – He was a bit chunky, then lost all the weight for Castaway…then gained it right back.

Luther Vandross – He was notorious for his legendary weight gains and losses. Unfortunately, they had horrible results.

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    Anna Nicole Smith –She got big during her reality show days, then lost weight and gained it before her passing.

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