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The old saying is not true: money can’t buy you good looks.

Here are 10 rappers with the most ugly mugs in the game.

Lil Jon’

Have you ever seem Lil’ Jon without his shades? Why do you think the phucker wears them…he knows he has been facially challenged since birth.

Snoop Lion

Another ugly ninja with shades. Snoop reminds us of a muscle challenged Doberman Pinscher….that’s why his last name use to be dogg. Whoever nicknamed him knew he was ugly.

Flavor Flav

Flav is as crunchy and black as it gets. Can’t believe he had women fighting over him. Thank God the ugly gene skipped his kids.

Gucci Mane

Gucci knows he’s ugly….why do you think he got that big azz ice cream tattoo? That ninja is trying to cover that isht up.

Juicy J

There’s nothing juicy about that ugly mug.


You knew this one was coming. We heard Jay down with the Illuminati….they couldn’t help him build a “remove Jay’s ugly mug” fund? Just saying.

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Lil’ Wayne

Ninja looks like a gremlin. Somebody threw water on him and his azz started multiplying those kids.

Biz Markie

Biz looks like he chews rocks with his teeth. Ninja can’t eat the kitty kat with those phuckers.

Trinidad James

A picture is worth a thousand words and this one has ugly written all over it.


Chief Keef

We don’t know why beyotches love sosa.


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