Ugly Muggin’: 10 Rappers Who Have A Face Only A Mother Could Love

- By Bossip Staff
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The old saying is not true: money can’t buy you good looks.

Here are 10 rappers with the most ugly mugs in the game.

Lil Jon-Hollywood-WENN

Lil Jon’

Have you ever seem Lil’ Jon without his shades? Why do you think the phucker wears them…he knows he has been facially challenged since birth.

Snoop Lion-Las Vegas-WENN

Snoop Lion

Another ugly ninja with shades. Snoop reminds us of a muscle challenged Doberman Pinscher….that’s why his last name use to be dogg. Whoever nicknamed him knew he was ugly.

Flavor Flav-Beverly Hills-WENN

Flavor Flav

Flav is as crunchy and black as it gets. Can’t believe he had women fighting over him. Thank God the ugly gene skipped his kids.

Gucci Mane-Miami Gardens-WENN

Gucci Mane

Gucci knows he’s ugly….why do you think he got that big azz ice cream tattoo? That ninja is trying to cover that isht up.

Juicy J-Las Vegas-WENN

Juicy J

There’s nothing juicy about that ugly mug.

Jay-Z-Los Angeles-WENN


You knew this one was coming. We heard Jay down with the Illuminati….they couldn’t help him build a “remove Jay’s ugly mug” fund? Just saying.

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    Lil' Wayne-WENN

    Lil’ Wayne

    Ninja looks like a gremlin. Somebody threw water on him and his azz started multiplying those kids.

    Biz Markie-New York-WENN

    Biz Markie

    Biz looks like he chews rocks with his teeth. Ninja can’t eat the kitty kat with those phuckers.

    Trinidad James-Los Angeles-WENN

    Trinidad James

    A picture is worth a thousand words and this one has ugly written all over it.


    Chief Keef-Los Angeles-WENN
    Chief Keef

    We don’t know why beyotches love sosa.

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