Wrath Of Badu Box: 10 Most Famous Erykah Badu Victims

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Erykah Badu evolved from a shea buttery Soul Goddess to evil Voodoo Priestess who devours rappers’ souls for fun. Once beloved by everyone, she’s now Hip-Hop’s greatest enemy (well, her box is) who seduces and destroys every rapper, athlete or celebrity she touches.

Here’s a photo gallery of normal celebs who smashed (or we suspect of smashing) Ms. Badu and spiraled into a dark, hopeless place. Take a look.

Andre 3000

3 Stacks was a living legend in the south, smashed (and knocked up) Voodoo Priestess Badu then starting wearing blonde wigs, dressing like Village People members and playing hide/seek with his fans.

Kendrick Lamar

Hip-Hop’s newest star will probably start wearing Power Ranger suits made from Kente cloth after reportedly being locked in a backstage dressing room with Ms. Badu before their BET Awards performance.

Kanye West

There’s only one explanation for Yeezy wearing leather kilts (and silky blouses), shimmery crop tops and feathery snow creature costumes on tour: Badu box.

Justin Bieber

No one saw A$AP Bieber’s metamorphosis into a thug life-obsessed hoodrat coming other than Erykah who cursed him.

Lil Wayne

You don’t just wake up and randomly start wearing women’s animal print hosiery on national TV unless you’ve stared into Erykah Badu’s eyes for several seconds.

Russell Westbrook

The fierce fashionisto/NBA superstar dresses too much like an Erykah Badu victim to not actually be one.

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    Amanda Bynes

    Drake is the only one who can save Amanda Bynes from the root Erykah Badu put on her.


    The legendary MC smashed and morphed into a glittery cloak-wearing weirdo right before our eyes. He was GONE.

    Lupe Fiasco

    Lupe went from rapping about the joys of skateboarding to calling Pres. Obama a terrorist on 27-minute anti-Government songs and dressing like a homeless Ninja Turtle assassin. Classic symptoms of a Badu box victim.

    Jay Electronica

    The tragically-lazy Roc Nation MC let Erykah name their daughter after a planet and curse him from ever releasing his now mythical debut album.

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