Trash TV Trickery: 8 Reasons Why Kirk & Rasheeda’s Fawkery-Filled Storyline Is FAKE

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Kirk and Rasheeda evolved from Love & Hip-Hop’s “happily-married couple straight off a Black Love poster” to “deeply-dysfunctional disaster with a fawkery-filled storyline.” But why? To stay on the show because they were too boring for Trash TV and needed the checks? Welllllll, yea, and for those in denial, we compiled eight reasons why this could be true.

Here are eight reasons why Kirk & Rasheeda’s filthy, fawkery-filled storyline is FAKE. Take a look.

Rasheeda allowed her husband to demean her, suggest an abortion and even question whether the baby is his without ever slapping him, setting him on fire in his sleep or pouring flaming hot grits on him. Yea, OK.

Kirk “needed space” from his gorgeous pregnant wife so he skips away on a magical adventure with a neckless unwrapped mummy (Benzino) and R&B Hobbit (Bobby Valentino) to a log cabin? Really?

That’s how you spend your “free pass?” Yes, because it’s in the script.

Rasheeda gets locked out of the house during a fight with Kirk, throws his bedazzled denim vests, thongs, blouses etc on the lawn and attempts to burn them. Cool. But never does. Because she can’t light the match. Uhhh OK.

Seriously, why would you attempt to burn clothes (while pregnant) without dousing them in gasoline first? Angela Bassett taught ALL women better than this.

Last season, Rasheeda ran her marriage with Kirk. All “Yes, dears” everything. This season? Kirk is 100% evil and always tells her what she CAN’T do? Nah.

Kirk wanted to throw away 15 years of marriage to cheat with stressfully-dolphin teefed reality show-hopper (Bambi) and some other ashy-wigged strumpet? Naaah, not in real life.

Kirk and Rasheeda’s mother meet at her hair salon to discuss the abortion before things quickly escalate into a Tyler Perry Gospel play. And this makes sense why?

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    Kirk loved his kids with ALL his heart last season. This season he’s “tired of raising them.” Even if he is, why admit this on national TV? To be a villain and stay on the show, of course.

    Kirk and Rasheeda have been spotted around Atlanta happier than ever while pretending to have the most fawkery-filled marriage on reality TV.

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